For Confidence When Meeting People-Veneers Equal Career Success

Veneers Equal Career Success

Veneers Equal Career Success

It’s a horrible cliché, but no less true, that it takes money to make it. Just think of your favorite Hollywood celebrities for a moment. Would the Kardashians have millions of social media followers if they had jacked up teeth? What about bad boy Beiber? Would his fans be so hot on his heels if his pearly whites were dingy yellows? OK, so maybe you’re a bit more old school. Can you imagine sitting two hours through a Tom Cruise movie if he never repaired the chip in his front tooth? Well, celebrities have something most of us will never have: on-call beauty teams. But they also have a trade secret most of us can utilize: veneers. These modern cosmetic miracles also help teachers, attorneys, realtors, and even local bakery owners improve their career success. But how can Philadelphia porcelain veneers make good on such a promise?

Veneers Make You More Attractive

It would be lovely if we could all say vanity doesn’t play a part in the professional world, but that’s unfortunately not the case. Approximately 99.7% of Americans agree that a beautiful smile is an important social asset, but 74% of adults also believe stains, chips, obvious gaps, and various unflattering malocclusion can hurt your chances of professional success. Considering how many of those 74-percenters are likely bosses or clients, it’s clear that veneers can help you reach your professional goals.

Dental Hygene and Oral Care

Veneers Make You Look More Intelligent

The American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry conducts national research and surveys on the success and even failures of specific dentistry options. Smile research is ongoing, and recent survey results regarding 528 before and after photos discovered that a beautiful smile can make you look more intelligent. While these results are based on assumptions, an interviewers’ personal beliefs are often enough to get your foot in the door at your dream company.

A Winning Smile Can Seal the Deal

A study conducted by Wakefield Research discovered that a third of Americans are unhappy with their smile for one reason or another. And almost 50% of young adults have untagged themselves on Facebook due to smile insecurity. But the truth is, the quality of your smile matters less than actually performing the action–especially when everything else in on your side. But even if you’re still too timid to show those not-so-pearly-whites, veneers can help correct that so you can flash them without shame at an interviewer, client, or a boss.



Veneers Can See You to Retirement


Personal opinion is great, but sometimes scientific data provides the final push. A study between 1987 and 2009 examined the oral care of 84 dental patients. All received porcelain veneers for a restoration tooth coverage total of 318. Even with the relatively small test case, the results proved that with normal living, wafer-thin porcelain veneers had a 5-year survival rate of 94.4%, a 10-year survival rate of 93.5%, and a 20-year survival rate of 82.93%. Of course, since then, dental materials have continued to improve. So just imagine what the success rates of your porcelain veneers could be. You can find out by making an appointment with your Philadelphia cosmetic dentist today.


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