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As the energy bills start rolling in from months of extreme temperatures, you might want to invest in more efficient technology to curb those expenses. A smart thermostat will bring your expenses down while keeping your home comfortable.

Learning Your Routine

While smart thermostats don’t have actual brains, they often seem to think on their own. When you’re asleep, away from home, or on vacation, your smart thermostat will reduce your heating or cooling costs by adjusting the temperature automatically. When you reduce the gap between the outdoor and indoor temperature, your HVAC system consumes less energy, which leads to lower costs.

Bringing Awareness to Energy Costs and Conserving EnergyThermostat COntrol

One of the big myths of heating and cooling is that you shouldn’t let your HVAC system turn off during the day. The less your HVAC has to run, the more money you save.

If you turn off the air conditioner or furnace while you’re away from home, your HVAC unit gets a break. In addition to reducing energy consumption, you’ll also limit wear and tear on your appliances. For every degree you change your settings over eight hours, you can expect to save 1 percent.

Smart thermostats help you save money by making you aware of your heating and cooling choices. Instead of just letting the system run passively, you’re making active heating and cooling decisions.

Making Small Adjustments for Big SavingsSaving Money On Energy

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Using remote sensors, smart thermostats keep tabs on the outdoor temperature as well as the temperature inside your home and will adjust your settings accordingly. For instance, if the sun shines brightly on a clear day and heats up the outdoors, the thermostat can keep you cool inside. Some smart thermostats even monitor the local weather forecast to better predict your heating and cooling needs.

Plus, you can access your thermostat remotely when you want to exercise more control. If you’re staying at the office late or take an unexpected trip and forget to set the thermostat, you can change the temperature from the app on your phone.

Helping Homeowners Break Bad HabitsThermostat

Many people get home from work or a vacation and immediately crank the thermostat up or down, hoping to adjust the temperature faster. Not only does this not work, but it wastes energy and makes your home’s temperature uneven.

Looking through the history of the smart thermostat’s settings can help you understand how it adjusts your home’s temperature for maximum energy savings and comfort. Two degrees of difference may not change your comfort level, especially while you’re sleeping, but it can make a big difference in your energy bill.

Though most smart thermostat manufacturers claim their products are easy to install, other HVAC issues can become apparent during the installation process. Only an HVAC technician would recognize them, so hire an HVAC expert to install your new smart thermostat.

Whether you’re hoping to reduce your carbon footprint or you just want to save a little money on your monthly energy bill, a smart thermostat can help you to meet those goals while keeping your home comfortable.


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