How To Correctly Layer Your Skincare Products

How to correctly layer your skincare products

Listen! You may have been applying your skincare products and makeup all wrong! Don’t panic, though, here’s the perfect guide to applying them in the right order so that you’ll get optimum results. Cosmetics-Skin Care

  1. Cleanse

Cleansing is the only way to get rid of all of the dirt that has built up on our skin. You should do this twice so that the first cleanse washes the surface dirt and the second reaches your pores.

  1. Tone

You should never skip an application of toner because residual dirt may still be lingering on your skin even after you’ve cleansed. Use a light toner on a cotton pad to keep your pores healthy.

  1. Apply spot cream

If necessary, your spot cream should be topically applied at this stage so that your skin has time to soak it up.

  1. A light serum

It’s important to apply the lighter products first. Your skin will absorb a light serum well while it delivers a good dose of active ingredients to your pores.

  1. Eye cream

Most eye creams are also thin so need to be clear of thicker products to work correctly. Pat on your eye cream rather than rubbing for the best results.

  1. Moisturise

Moisturising is another skincare step that should never be missed out. Under no circumstances! This even applies to those who have oily skin.

  1. Oil

You’d be surprised at how much facial oil can help to brighten and plump your skin so you should take the time out to smooth some over the drier areas of your face. While facial oil is able to penetrate your skin cream, this won’t work if the two are applied in the opposite order.

  1. Primer

Now it’s time to prepare your skin for makeup. A good primer will help your foundation to look flawless because it acts as a magnet, helping to hold it down as well as tackling problems with oiliness. love-heart-makeup-beauty

  1. Foundation

Your initial foundation base should be light to create a natural look, and then the next step will help you to cover up any blemishes.

  1. Concealer

Many people believe that concealer should be applied before foundation, but this is incorrect. Apply your concealer with a brush and lightly blend it out. 

  1. Powder

An application of powder will soak up any excess oil and set your makeup. Pay particular attention to your t-zone, chin and under your eyes. 

  1. Bronzer or/and blusher

A bronzing powder or cream will define a gentle structure to your face, and then a blusher will define your cheeks. 

  1. Eyeshadow…eyeliner…mascara

If you’re someone who goes for the smoky eye or the cat-eye look, apply your eyeshadow and eyeliner before mascara as lacquered lashes can often get in the way. If you’ve opted for a lash extension kit, make sure that this is the last thing you apply to your eyes. 

  1. Brows

Don’t go too intense with your brows; remember that they should compliment your eyeshadow, lipstick, and blusher. Choose the right coloured pencil, and you should be matched up perfectly. 

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