Creating Bouquets Using a Basket-Candy and Toys For A Gift

Bouquets With CandyCandy Bar  Bouquets

When holidays or special events come around, you might not know exactly what to get someone who seems to already have everything. An idea is a candy bouquet. They are easy to make, and you can use any kind of candy that the person enjoys. The bouquet can be made with lollipops of various sizes and colors, or it can be made with candy bars that are in different sizes.

Start with selecting the basket for the bouquet. You want to get something that will showcase the event, such as a red or green basket for Christmas or one with balloons for a birthday. Avoid getting a basket with a handle as this will make it harder to position the candy.

Once you have your basket, you need to place a piece of Styrofoam in the bottom. This will hold the sticks that are used on the back of the candy or the sticks that are on the lollipops. You can hide the foam by covering it with tissue paper to match the basket and the items inside.Candy Bouquet

Gather all of the candy that you want to use before placing it in the foam. Design a plan of what you want the bouquet to look like so that you know where to place the sticks instead of taking them out and placing them multiple times. This will cause excess holes in the foam, which can make the foam weak and not sufficient for holding the candy once it’s in place.

Using a hot glue gun, attach small wooden skewers to the back of each piece of candy. This isn’t required for lollipops as they already have a stick. Arrange the candy so that it looks like a bouquet of flowers with various heights and colors mixed together. After all of the candy is in place, you can add a few decorations. Colored cellophane paper is easy to place between each piece of candy, giving the bouquet a full appearance. You can also add a small stuffed animal or another memento with the candy to complete the basket for the special occasion.


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