Crowdology What Is It, How Does It Work?

Wouldn’t it be great to be able to share your opinions on how a certain company works and on the services it provides, and get paid for it? That’s the wise idea behind an online research and survey company called  and it’s obviously an idea whose time has come. 

Get Paid in Cash, Not Points

Crowdology UK pays its survey takers in actually cold hard cash, not points or “rewards.” Most people appreciate extra cash in their pocket that they can use in the real world, so that’s why pays cash.

How Does It Work?

To become a part of the www.Crowdology.UK team, simply fill out a simple profile form online. You can also use social media accounts like Facebook and Twitter to sign up, too. You will be asked questions that help the team know a bit more about you and your background, so we can send you surveys that match up better with who you are and what your interests are. Once you fill out your profile and sign up with the site, you’ll be sent queries about upcoming surveys, to see if you are a good match.

If you are a good match with a survey, you’ll be asked to answer some questions (mostly very fun and easy ones) about a company and its products. The clients that works with include leading consumer brands, advertising, publishing and media companies.

Getting Paid

Once you begin taking surveys through the site, you’ll be compensated in actual cash, via a PayPal or Amazon account. The rate of pay can range from .50 to $10, depending on the survey. Like we said, most of the surveys are quick to do, and take about ten minutes of your time.

You Don’t Have To Take Every Survey

Once you’re working with  you don’t have to take every single survey that is offered you. Just choose the ones that suit you and that fit into your schedule. Once you start finishing some surveys, you’ll start to see money accumulate in your account, which may motivate you to do a few more.

We think www.Crowdology.UK is an idea whose time has come. Once you start in and join our team, we think you will too.


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