Fashion Series: What To Wear To Church Spring or Fall

Cute Church Outfit Ideas

To tell the truth, I really enjoy looking fashionable, wearing brand new glamorous outfits, and checking out the latest fashion news. My wardrobe is full of absolutely different clothes, but I always have some difficulties with my getup when it comes to going to church.

The thing is, there seems to exist two opposite opinions on this: some people believe that we should dress up nicely or even formally for a Sunday Mass, while another say that it’s better to dress casually, just like we normally do because God accepts us as we are. 

Being a pretty tolerant woman, I’m leaning towards the mixture of both – it’s a kind of stylish and comfortable modesty.  But if you still think that the church outfit is something boring and trivial, check our fresh and stylish ideas for both traditional and casual cute church outfits. 

Pretty Spring Church Outfits

When everything around is in blossom, the soul wants bright colors, fancy cuts, and floral prints in our outfits as well. Experiment with white silk maxi skirts, pleated and lace fabrics, staying feminine and shining at the same time. These wonderful church looks will be appropriate both for usual service and for such great day as Easter Sunday.


Victoriasmoon Backdrop for  photography

Amazing Classical Outfits for Church

The pencil skirt is the most classical and traditional piece of clothing imaginable. Remember that you don’t have to look too office-like in church, so don’t worry to play with colors, stripes, and printed patterns. You can also put on a white blouse or shirt to freshen your outfit. Here you are… It looks so sweet, right?

Classic Outfit for Church

Super Light and Airy Church Outfits for Summer

Choose light and natural fabrics for your summer dresses, skirts, and tops. Transparent mesh and lace cloth will help you to avoid getting distracted from worship by heat and discomfort.

Church Outfits for Fashion-Hunters

If you’re not a skirts-lover at all, wide pants with high waist can become your stylish and comfortable solution.


And if you’re too creative to wear ordinary clothes, maybe upgrading a maxi-skirt will be a good decision.

Wearing Maxi Skirt To Church

Maxi-Skirt Interpretations for You

This style of skirt is perfect in all respects: it suits almost everyone, it’s very, VERY comfortable to wear, and finally, it meets even the strictest church dress-code rules. 

Elegant and Feminine Church Outfits

How about a long Marsala skirt and a black blouse with a volume bow?

Wearing a Marsala Skirt and Blouse With Bow

… Or a nude color pleated skirt with a chiffon loose blouse?

Wearing a Shirr Blouse over Skirt

Or maybe you’ll fall in love with these cute bell sleeves?

Skirt with Blouse with Bell Sleeves

Knee-length Skirt

Meet another idea of modest and fashionable A-line skirt with high waist and lace ruffles in trendy black and white polka dot print.

Simple knit tops with polka dot skirt and soft ruffle

Magnificent Church Looks for Fall

When it’s getting colder, various jackets and coats come in handy. And so do hats, which are a compulsory part of the women’s church outfit in some religions, by the way.

And one more thing: if the blush is one of your favorites, think no more, as it’s a trend of this year. 

Chruch Looks For FallChurch Looks For Fall-1
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