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Halloween, a time where it is said the dead are free to roam the earth, is a season full of fun, lore, crafts, and most importantly, costumes. According to Halloween legend, humans were said to dress up in an attempt to scare off the spirits that walked the earth on Halloween night. Hundreds of years later, the old time tradition of dressing up on Halloween has taken a commercialized turn. Children travel from house to house on Halloween night in an attempt to delight those answering the door with their costumes and be rewarded with candy.

Dressing up as your favorite ghost or monster is not only for the kiddies; now, more adults are dressing up than ever before. With a growing emphasis on costume parties and contests, the traditional Halloween costume has taken on a look we have never seen before. Today’s costumes push the limits of traditional Halloween garb into directions that are only limited by one’s imagination. Seductive, scary, serious; the possibilities are endless and it is what makes the Halloween season so much fun.

It is easy to get intimidated at Halloween time by the idea of finding that perfect Halloween costume. The markup on Halloween attire can be very expensive, and since it is only going to be worn for one night out of the year, most shy away from truly indulging in the fun. However, a costume is only expensive if you allow it to be expensive. With more and more people budget-conscious, a rising trend the last few years is to shop at unconventional stores for Halloween costume outfits.

Thrift stores are a Halloween costume seeker’s best friend. Not only are the clothes at these stores affordable for most wallets, but the variety of things found within them are endless and always changing. The recycled clothes donated to the stores make the perfect fit for most Halloween costume ideas. Also included at most thrift shops are sections for accessories as well. Because the stock is donated and constantly changing, you can be assured that there won’t be anyone else wearing the same costume as you. With the prices being so low, one can walk out of a thrift store with an entire Halloween costume for less than twenty-five dollars. You can also find great Halloween decorations at a low price. Treetopia is a great company that offers chic and thrifty Halloween decorations. With the right imagination and proper planning, that thrift store costume can and will look better than that seventy -five dollar, commercially purchased costume the next person has.


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