Dental Phobia and How to Overcome It 2 comments

Dental Phobia and How to Overcome It

Fear of the dentist is a problem many people have to overcome, and it is mainly to do with the pain and discomfort that has always been associated with a visit to the dentist. This misconception has kept many people away from regular check-ups, and this can lead to a more serious problem if a minor issue is not dealt with. The typical behaviour of someone who suffers from dental phobia is to avoid the dentist at all cost, unless the pain is unbearable, in which case they have no choice but to pay their dentist a visit.

The causes

Before looking at ways to eliminate dental phobia, let us take a look at what causes this distressing condition. For many, it begins with an unpleasant experience as a child, perhaps the dentist began to drill before the novocaine kicked in, causing excruciating pain for a few seconds. Another common reason is bad teeth, a person can feel ashamed, and is reluctant to let the dentist look in their mouth, for fear of retribution. The person might also think that the treatment would be intensive, as the condition of the teeth is so bad, and treatment has been avoided for a number of years. The fact that one is very exposed and unable to see what is happening compounds this anxiety, and very often, it is just too much, especially for children.

Acknowledge the problem

Denial can cause the problem to continue, and the person would do whatever they could to avoid even talking about it, while denying there is anything wrong. If a person admits they are afraid of dental visits, then it is possible to begin to overcome that fear. The next stage is to try and pinpoint the cause, which might be one of the above, or possibly something more complex. For most people, it is connected to an unpleasant experience in the past. Many years ago, the dentist wasn’t too concerned if the patient felt a little pain, and if one happened to have a rather rough dentist as a child, these traumatic memories are hard to eradicate.

Addressing the issue

The first thing to do is meet with the dentist ahead of the appointment. The fact that one knows there will be no treatment on that day will eradicate the fear, and familiarity will help when the big day does arrive. If one sees one’s dentist as a warm human being, one if far less likely to experience fear when they are doing their work. If a Western Australian is suffering with dental phobia, a visit to will make them feel much better, as the dentists at this clinic are experienced with dental phobia, and use techniques to put the patient at ease.

Ask questions

It is always a comforting thing to have dialogue with the dentist during the appointment. An experienced dentist would explain what he or she is about to do, and often allow the patient to touch the tools, while consistently reassuring there will be no pain. There is a Fremantle dental clinic with a team of qualified dental technicians, all of whom are experienced in dealing with dental phobia, so if it has been a while since the last visit, take a deep breath and make an online appointment, and put an end to dental phobia.


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