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The Secret to Why Designer Clothing Are More Expensive Than Others?

why Designer CLothing Costs More
Let’s admit it, we all like to browse fashion magazines and street style fashion blogs that reveal the latest collections of famous designers where everything seems to be on point – attractive models, the vibe, the luxury and above all – the clothes. All those outfits will always look better than the ones we can find in usual stores, leaving us with the question: Why does it cost so much?!

It looks the same, but – is it?

If we compare a plain women t-shirt made by some of the biggest fashion names, like Armani, Gucci or Chloé, with some other one made by less prestigious brands, such as Madewell, Topshop, etc., at first glance, all elements appear to be similar – the only difference between them is the price (and it’s a huuuuge difference). But, if we look closer, we’ll see that there’re more than this one distinction: it’s the model itself, the cut, a material, a texture, the way it fits your shape and the overall feminine feeling that you get when you wear it.
It looks the same, but – is it?
Garments on models not only look fabulous, but also look like they’re custom-tailored, invented to enhance their attributes and hide their flaws, which, if you think twice – they are. Behind each piece of that clothes is a genius fashion mind that knows his/hers job very well. And it’s not only one mind; it’s more like a whole team of various experts united in the idea of creating something astonishing.

The system behind one single t-shirt

Glamorous fashion shows and elaborate stores are just the tip of a complex endeavor called “the fashion industry”. Each part of that industry is pertinent and, what is important for this story – expensive. Talented and hard-working people are hard to find and their skills, once they’re recognized, have their price too.

Getting the best of their ideas, creations and improvisations are the main characteristics that keep a brand alive and popular. If you want to retain the trust of your customers, you have to maintain the level that made you famous in the first place, which means maintaining the quality and uniqueness of your style, but also introducing new ones and following the trends, or, even better, starting them.
The system behind one single t-shirt
Many people forget the process of development. Getting the right design, the right combination and the right line  takes a lot of attempts and modifications, which also costs money. Once the product is finished and ready for mass consumption, its production price is low, but the required materials and machinery spent during its creating process aren’t cheap. We can compare it with an even bigger picture – a car development; all phases of its production brought together cost much more than a single finished product.

The value of the one

We all love to shop, according to our possibilities and we’re usually guided by quantity instead of quality. The main strategy is to buy as much as we can for as little money possible. Expensive items of famous brands don’t exactly apply here.

The big fashion companies’ idea is to cherish quality and design instead of quantity, so they design their models very calculated. Finally, price-tag is the one that will set your limits, but you should think twice before choosing which shoes you’re going to buy.
Which shoes you’re going to buy
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A good pair of nice heels can boost any outfit and can’t go unnoticed. So, for example, if you decide to buy a one pair of quality footwear, like Valentino on SSENSE, you may limit your options, but you’ll have shoes for any occasion, and that will eventually pay off your invested money.

It’s about prestige

The important factor when determining price-tags is the market itself. To put it differently, as long there’s somebody willing to pay the price, no matter how high it is, companies will set their numbers and collect banknotes. It may seem cruel and even immoral, but it is how it is, there’s nothing we can do about it.
The wealthy minority enjoys having an exclusive, limited edition item. This is the reason why sometimes small collections become even more prestigious. For example, if a designer produces a line of only 300 satchels, you will probably feel very good about yourself knowing that you own something that other 7.5 billion people don’t.

It’s not just about the vanity. Luxury brands sell not only their products, but also their name. It  takes years and years of experience, hard work and a lot of required effort to put your name out there, to market a brand that will make people trust you and pay you whatever it costs to support your work. If you look it that way, it’s the affirmation we’d all love to get.

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