Top 3 DIY Plumbing Hacks

The Top 3 DIY Plumbing Hacks

Gone are the days that people had to suffer waiting for plumbers to arrive before they could solve their problem of a water leak or a clogged drain. These days, with the abundance of information floating around the world wide web, it’s easier to look for instructions online and then do the dirty work yourself. That is if you’re willing to spend time on your knees fixing drain pipes and de-clogging toilets, because if you’re not, then make it easy for yourself and call your friendly neighborhood professional plumbers who are always ready and willing to help. They’re just one call away! Plumbing Hacks

However, if you’re not afraid of getting down and dirty then why not try some of these DIY plumbing hacks which could definitely help you out in a pinch! But first things first, please make sure you’re being safe when attempting to follow these hacks. Before you even begin to attempt any of these DIY plumbing hacks, you need to know where the shut-off valves are located. This allows you to stop the flow of water while working on your clogged drain. Make sure to turn off the valves to prevent any accidental flooding. An added bonus to knowing where the shut-off valves are is that you can easily stop the flow of water whenever there are emergency leaks.

The DIY preventive measure

It’s always a good thing to be proactive, isn’t it? It makes you more prepared for the challenges coming your way, like possible plumbing emergencies. The key to preventing clogged pipes is to flush them out every so often. Use a bucketful of warm water to flush your toilet and break up small clogs and loosen chunks of debris which could be stuck along the walls of your toilet bowl or within the pipe itself. Do this once a week. This preventive measure can also be applied to your kitchen sinks, especially those with garbage disposals. This will help loosen any food scraps that may have gotten trapped in your pipes.

The natural DIY

This one is actually fun because it’s like a junior high school science experiment. Using baking soda and vinegar, you can easily clear out small clogs from pipes. Simply pour 1/3 of a cup of vinegar with 1/3 of a cup of baking soda down the drain and let it sit. Once a few hours have passed, flush it down using warm water. The explosive reaction which results from the mixture of vinegar and baking soda is effective in keeping your drains clean and clear of any debris. Remember, safety first! Please make sure you’re wearing protective equipment when attempting to do this natural DIY.

The DIY using plumber’s putty

The plumber’s putty is one very useful item. Water leakage is one of the most common plumbing problems and using plumber’s putty can ensure a watertight seal around pipes, sinks, and valves. To effectively use the plumber’s putty, make sure you’re starting with a properly cleaned area then apply heat to the putty (you can rub your hands together) and make a snake shape in the desired size needed for the seal afterward. If there is any excess putty, wipe it off and then wait for the putty to dry before running water again.



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