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Is there really any color scheme for small spaces?

Believe it or not, white doesn’t guarantee that your home’s small rooms will look larger. Many people wrongfully believe that small spaces need less furniture and white walls to appear brighter and more spacious. Wrong! Furnishings placed carefully, a properly chosen color palette, and spot-on accessorizing can have a greater impact. Truth be told, there’s no color rule for decorating small spaces. If you want to make your home look bright, the goal is to keep things organized. It’s quite ok to choose whichever colors appeal best to your sense. But do it smart! Here are some guidelines to help you double your home’s spacing without necessarily using white colors for everything.

Adding bright colors for living room

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Sharp colors

One of the easiest ways to expand a room and make it appear bigger is to pick clear colors. Decide on a sharp palette and avoid dull nuances. Bright red, deep Marsala, electric blue, greens, and yellows are all excellent choices. Sharp color combos can have the biggest impact, and contrary to popular belief, they won’t make a room seem small. A great tip is to combine these deep palettes with translucent furniture and accessories. Mirrors, silver bowls placed on glass coffee tables and tall flower vases are all excellent ideas to widen up space. Bright colors for small places

Window treatments

Small rooms don’t necessarily need to have white walls to look large and spacious. However, they do need proper window treatments. The right shades and curtains can completely change the way your living area or kitchen look like. Both vertical and horizontal stripes can have a huge impact. For example, if your living room is dominated by colors such as brown, red and purple, pastel pink curtains with thin cherry stripes will instantly draw in more light; and your space will appear all bright and spacious.

Red or pink window treatments for a small room

Focal wall

Most designers will advise you to keep things neutral when painting the walls in a small room. However, the newest trend is to break the rules. Don’t be afraid to play with colors; as long as the color is close to the room’s décor, you’re safe. Believe it or not, sometimes a dark color on a single wall can widen a room a lot more than white walls. The key element for a successful result is to decorate with taste. For example, a deep brown couch placed near a wall painted in an equally darker nuance can brighten your room if that room is properly accessorized. Choose three dominant colors and adhere to these principles. The leaner the palette the better chances you have for your living room to look bright regardless of the color combo you’ve chosen.

Add a focal wall using wallpaper

Bold colors in the bathroom

Many homeowners choose pastel colors when decorating their bathrooms, which is great. But every now and then, a pop of color can have an even greater effect. Don’t be afraid to improvise, and choose a bolder color palette to give your bath a richer, brighter vibe. Chocolate brown for instance is an ideal choice. It has an earthy feel that will make a bathroom seem a lot more comfortable and refreshing. Add a shower curtain in a completely different shade, such as yellow. It will instantly make your bath seem different and original.

Bold Colors in a bathroom

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Traveling colors

“Traveling” colors when decorating a home are in trend. Basically, we have ombre nuances that are meant to widen a room and make it stand out in a blink of an eye. What’s great about this trend is that it is extremely affordable. Use the web for inspiration on repainting window curtains, and make sure to keep things organized. A deep brown rug should be completed with curtains that are darker at the bottom and lighter at the top. Also, since half of your curtains will most likely be light brown, it might be a good idea to choose tall accessories to support that effect.

Decorating With Colors

When decorating small spaces, there’s no need to go all-white on the colors. Brighter nuances and sharp combos can have an equally striking effect. Think outside the box, de-clutter your rooms by investing in small storage items (functional furniture) and top off with sheer accessories like mirrors and silvery décor pieces. The final result will leave everyone speechless!
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