The Dream Of A Treehouse

Whether a family has a small backyard or they live on eighty acres, just about every single property has room for a tree house. Now, most people would argue that it’s better to go to the local department store and purchase a swing set with a slide. And while this would be a lot of fun, for parents who really want their kids to get out, explore, and have a fun space of their own, building a tree house is the way to go.

Tree houses are a fun place for kids to get exercise, build their physical skills, and get over their fear of heights. It gives them a space that’s their own, while at the same time giving them a unique perspective of nature and the world around them.

A tree house is a place where children can go to express their imagination. One day a tree house can be a spaceship where they are rocketing into a far-flung planet. The next day it can be a cave that they are hiding in on a wilderness excursion. The ideas for what a child can do in a tree house are as limitless as the child’s imagination.

Building a tree house encourages children to want to play outside. It makes the natural world a lot more inviting than electronic devices. Even if in the worst-case scenario, a child decides to take their electronic devices with them to their tree house, they’re still getting outside. They still have to climb up into the tree house. They still are able to breathe in the fresh air. And they still have that close connection with nature, even if they choose that time to be on electronic device.

A tree house is an excellent way to encourage shyer children to develop social skills. An attractive tree house is going to draw a lot of attention from the neighbors. Other parents, who might not have the time, skill, or gumption to build their own tree house, will likely encourage their children to come and play at yours. A well-designed tree house can become the center point for neighborhood child development.

Parents can make the tree house a lot of fun by adding a zip line, building a two-story tree house, or installing a swing. If there are other trees that are in the area that are blocking where a tree house can be built, parents may consider contacting a service that does emergency tree removal to get certain trees out of the way


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