Is Your Your Drinking Water Safe?

Is Your Tap Water Good Enough To Drink? Is your drinking water safe for your family

Water is seen as clean and pure; the very symbol of life. Certainly it is essential for the survival of every living being on this planet. But, this does not mean that all water is created equal! The purest water is actually considered to be rain, before it hits the ground. Springs also generally have clean water. However, as soon as it starts to flow through the rocks and the soils it is picking up contaminants and bacteria; even if you cannot see them.

Of course you may assume that your water is safe, after all you get it from the tap and it has been through a proper water treatment process. Unfortunately the treatment works can be many miles from your home. As it travels through the pipes to your tap it can pick up particles from the inside of the pipes and even outside contaminants through damaged pipes or faulty one way valves.

The truth is your tap water might be good enough to drink but it could also be full of bacteria and make you seriously ill. This is why you need to consider installing whole house water filter; or getting a professional firm to do it.

The Alternatives

Once you realize that to be safe you should avoid drinking the tap water then it becomes necessary to consider what other options you have available:

  • The Whole House Water Filter

This is one of the best and safest ways to get clean water to your tap. It involves adding a water filter device into the main supply into your home. The filter in this device will need to be changed periodically but this should be easy to do. You can then access this filtered water from any tap in your home.

  • Individual Water Filters

However, while the whole house system is an excellent option if you are on a smaller budget then you may wish to consider fitting inline filters. These can be on dedicated taps although you will need to remember to get your water from the right tap!

Taps which do not have water filters fitted can still be used for general washing up duties. In addition this water can go through the hot water tank; there is little need to filter the hot water in your home. Avoiding this can dramatically extend the life of your filter.

  • Bottled Water

Another option is to purchase the bottled water you need. This will bypass the need to have a filter fitted. However, it is likely to be a much more expensive way of dealing with the issue in the long term. In addition you will not be able to assess how clean the bottled water actually is. There are fewer controls in place to monitor the quality of bottled water; it is possible that this is actually more contaminated than your standard tap water.

An additional concern is the fact that many plastic bottles contain chemicals which have been liked with cancer and other diseases. It is safer to pay for the whole house filter to be fitted.
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