Emergency Room or Emergency Clinic

Between the Emergency Room and an Emergency Clinic

Perhaps almost everyone has visited the emergency room (ER) at some point in their lives. Years ago, it was common to go to the ER for injuries and illnesses such as stomach pain, strep throat, allergies, fever, back pain, and more. It is estimated that over 100 million Americans visit the emergency room annually. This is an incredible number considering that most of these medical situations can be taken care of at an emergency clinic. Emergency, or urgent care clinics, are bursting up around the United States as a great alternative to emergency rooms. An urgent care center provides adequate care for situations such as the aforementioned; all while saving individuals a substantial amount of time and money. And who doesn’t love saving time and money?!

An Urgent Care Clinic Saves You Money

First, it is helpful to understand how an urgent care clinic saves you money. A visit to the ER costs an individual around five times more than going to an urgent care clinic. The typical copay for an ER visit is around $125 while the average urgent care clinic copay is approximately $25. This savings is huge when you consider the possibility of how many times you may need to receive medical attention on weekends and holidays. Urgent care clinics were designed to complement regular doctor clinics by treating patients who need a physician’s care during nighttime, weekend, and holiday hours. The next time you have a medical situation that requires care, consider whether your need is life-threatening. If your situation is life or death, go to the ER immediately. If it isn’t life-threatening, save yourself some money by going to an emergency clinic instead.

An Urgent Care Clinic Saves You Time

One of the greatest advantages of going to an urgent care clinic is saving time. Most individuals will say that their time is extremely valuable. No one wants to spend lengthy amounts of time waiting for a medical condition to be treated by a doctor. It is assessed that the regular wait time at an ER is 55 minutes. In contrast, an urgent care clinic wait time is typically 12 minutes. It is clear that an urgent care clinic is ideal if you want to save time during your day. Obviously, if your situation is truly life-threatening you hopefully won’t wait almost an hour to be seen in the ER. The average 55 minute wait time likely includes all those individuals who are waiting to be seen for non-emergency cases. If your situation isn’t life-threatening, save yourself some time by going to an urgent care center.

An Urgent Care Clinic Gives You More Options

Urgent care clinics are definitely growing in numbers across the United States. They are an excellent method for providing you with additional healthcare options. One of the greatest options urgent care gives is extended hours for parents. Most primary care physician’s offices operate during normal business hours. It can be difficult for parents to have their children seen during these hours. Urgent care clinics offer extended hours so that when your child suddenly spikes a fever Saturday afternoon, you can have him seen without having to break the bank by visiting the ER.

When deciding whether to visit the ER or an urgent care clinic, determine if your condition is life-threatening. If it isn’t life-threatening, go to an urgent care clinic and enjoy saving time and money.

Urgent Care vs. ER
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