Enjoying Luxury World Travel at a Reasonable Budget 1 comment

Enjoying Luxury World Travel at a Reasonable Budget

The costs can really pile up when it comes to luxury travel. These costs include flying first or business class, staying at luxury hotels, and having meals at upmarket restaurants. Nevertheless, having a great travel experience is important and the last thing you want to do is settle for less in terms of quality.

Here are some tips for having a more affordable luxury travel experience while still enjoying good quality.

Travel during the off season

In most places, prices will typically go up during the high season. In times such as festive seasons, school holidays, and summer breaks, the cost of air tickets and hotels rises considerably.

When traveling during the off season, there’s a risk that you might encounter unfavorable weather. A good strategy is to travel in the period that falls between the peak and low seasons. At these times, crowds are less, the weather is better, and the cost of accommodation is a bit cheaper. Hotels In America That Are Affordable

In addition to that, don’t visit places during times when there are huge events and festivals because the rates shoot up around this time. So make a point of checking whether there will be events such as large conferences, conventions, sports events, etc. because in addition to hiked prices, luxury hotels and resorts may be overbooked and crowded.

Piggy-back on a work trip

In a case where your employer has paid for your flights and accommodation at a luxury hotel, you can take advantage of the chance to extend your stay for a few days for an additional cost on your part.

Depending on your relationship with your employer, you can ask for permission for you to pay for a few extra days once you have completed the work you were meant to do on the trip. This is a great time to enjoy some relaxing time at the beach or in the countryside.

Similarly, if your significant other goes for a work trip, you can go along with them. That way, you can both enjoy the trip having paid only for one flight since your partner’s flight and accommodation are already paid for.

You don’t need to always go for the major cities

The rates for accommodation in luxury hotels in major cities will always be higher compared to other cities. You can therefore make considerable savings and still get luxury accommodation by going to alternative cities. You can book a luxury hotel in Osaka, for instance, rather than Tokyo or Kyoto; or rather than Paris, you could visit Avignon. Hotels in Europe

Realize that most expensive doesn’t always mean best

The rates in highly popular European destinations such as France and Italy can be quite exorbitant. It is therefore advisable to shop around in order to identify a destination in which you will get value for the money you have. You could, for instance, opt for luxury hotels in South East Asia where you can still enjoy suites, villas, etc. that have facilities.


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