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Evening Dress Style: How to Dress for Your Body Shapeevening-dress-style-how-to-dress-for-your-body-shape

Are you planning an unforgettable, luxurious date night? Or do you have a special event coming up, such as a night at the opera, a banquet, or a friend’s wedding? Then you need to nail down your evening dress style to look your absolute best and to feel like royalty.

Check out the style tips below that will help you shop for the perfect dress for your body shape, and then look for some of the most beautiful dresses on www.teranicouture.com when you are ready to shop.

Hourglass Shape

If you have the ultra feminine hourglass shape, you will want to highlight those curves. Therefore, look for a dress that will be slim fitting and that will accentuate your natural figure. Wrap dresses are a great option, as these will help to draw attention to your slimmer waist while also bringing out your bust and your hips. You can also go with a dress that will have a v-neckline, an open neckline, or a fitted top.

Apple Shape

If you are sporting an apple shape, you will carry most of your weight in the middle of your body, but your legs will be probably be slim. A great style for you would be an evening dress that features an empire waistline or that has an embellished top. These styles will draw the eye to the upper body. Or you can go with something that will hide your middle, such as a full skirt or an A-line style. You can also show off those legs by opting for a shorter style.

Petite Shape

If your body is petite like that of an adorable gymnast, and you are under 5’3” in height, you want to show off your legs, so you can opt for a fashionable evening dress that has a slit or that is short, but not too short. You can opt for an asymmetrical hemline as well, as that will help you look taller than you are. Avoid full skirts and floor length gowns, as they will probably overwhelm your small frame. Slim fitting options, v-necklines, pleating, and vertical prints can all help elongate your frame too.

Inverted Triangle Shape

If you are busty and you have an inverted triangle shape, your hips will be narrower and your waist may not be too defined. This means that you will want to draw attention towards the face while balancing your upper and lower body to create the illusion of an hourglass shape. You can do this by opting for styles that will actually add more curves to the hips, create a defined waist, and show off your legs.

Regardless of what body shape you have, know that you are beautiful and you have gorgeous features that you will want to accentuate. The right evening dress style will do just that, and it will make people stop and stare at how great you look. Once you find the right dress, you will never want to take it off because it will make you feel fantastic.

Evening Dress Style: How to Dress for Your Body Shape


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