Evolution of Smooth Helps Keep Your Lips Kissable

Evolution of Smooth Helps Keep Your Lips Kissable


There are many qualities kissable lips have. Shape, size, and color are among them. But smoothness is a factor which stands out above the rest. Even tiny lips can be sensual if they’re smooth and inviting.

Evolution of Smooth has capitalized on this aspect of human physiology. They’ve put together a new line of lip balms contained in enticing colored applicators of a spherical shape. Certainly, “Smooth Sticks” are available–these are the new lip balm formula contained in the old application device. But these aren’t nearly so desirable as the new ball-shaped smooth spheres.

EOS has created four main lines of their revolutionary new lip balm. There are Shimmer Smooth Spheres, Visibly Soft Smooth Spheres, Organic Smooth Spheres, and Active Protection Smooth Spheres.

Shimmer Smooth Spheres turn your lips into apparently most, smooth, shimmering delight. It’s not just about health with this balm, it’s also about desirability. Shimmer Smooth should bring the men howling to your door. It’s a great balm to apply at the club.

Visibly Soft Smooth, by contrast, has a reserved elegance about it that silhouettes the vulnerable aspect of femininity and complements it with perpetual beauty.

Next there’s Organic Smooth Spheres. These are designed to keep your lips exceedingly natural in appearance. With Organic Smooth coming in flavors like summer fruit (see it here at Target), those who see you will think: my, her lips sure are naturally beautiful!

Last but not least there’s Active Protection Smooth Spheres. These have two angles of primary approach. One, they help protect you against harsh environments which aren’t amenable to sensuous, smooth lips. Two, this formula helps you to have more smooth lips despite your body’s own potential lack of moisture.

Mix and match EOS spheres to find the flavor and kind which best fits your unique beauty. With a cavalcade of flavors available, and multi-packs should you desire, there’s sure to be something which matches your style.


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