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Express is about as hip and trending for the young and fashion conscious as an American clothing line can get. The retailer has been around the block; launched in 2014, the brand has grown to one of the top specialty providers of sexy, modern, and cool men and women’s clothes in brick and mortar stores and online. In 2010 the brand went public as an IPO and is traded on the NYSE as EXPR.

The target audience for Express is the 20 to 30-year old American man or woman. The line stretches across professional styles for work and going out, as well as jeans and other casual wear. In 2017 their website states they have more than 600 retail locations in the U.S. and Puerto Rico.

The Express online collection does a brisk business, along with sales on their mobile app. The investor’s section on their website states says they closed November 2017 with e-commerce sales increasing by 23% over last year at the same time.

It is precisely the e-commerce side of the business that interests most shoppers these days; online sales make up 10% of all U.S. retail sales and that number is increasing by 15% annually. By 2019, the U.S. B2B e-commerce market is predicted to reach $1.1 trillion.

This obviously places stores like Express at the forefront of the shopping experience; they have a robust e-commerce business fully integrated with a smartphone app. But where does that leave the online shopper who is still seeking the best bargain for the coolest fashion?

The answer, of course, is online promo codes. We’ve selected five of the best places to find promo codes to ensure that the Express shopping experience is a frugal one.

Finding Promo Codes for Express Shopping

First, let’s check out

There’s a little bit of everything on this site, from daily deals, to credit card offers, coupons, and promo codes. Setting up an account helps get lots of deals sent straight to an email inbox. There is also a nifty savings blog that helps shoppers get better deals. All good stuff, right?

Searching for Express on the site yields a full page of deals. But here is the bad news; to get the promo code visitors have to set up an account. This almost guarantees a flood of emails, but the best deals come with membership on most of the promo code websites. Coupons for Express

Note the promo code for $100.00 orders over $250 — now that’s a deal. Worth signing up for: Yes.

Now let’s look at RetailMeNot, which seems to be similar to in that requires sign in and offers daily deals that shoppers can snag. What’s different is that visitors can purchase gift cards at considerable discounts from major brands and it offers cash back savings when making purchases through the site. That all sounds very promising. Retail Me Not

To sign up, go to the upper right corner of the home page and click. It will take the visitor to a new page to add a personal email and create a password. While the user doesn’t have to sign up to get the promo code (big bonus!) it makes sense to sign in to start to capture the cash back feature. Create an account on Retails Me Not

Use the easy search feature at the top middle of the page and type in “Express” to find their promo codes. The site says there are 23 of them currently. Coupons for Express

To get the promo code, whether logged in or not, click on the blue square box that says, “Show Online Code.” It will open to reveal the discount. Show Online code on Retail me not

Then click on the link from the promo code box, which should open a new window on the computer. Select store purchases and use the 2608 code to receive the discount. If the promo code works, make sure to go back to the first window, and rate the code by clicking the thumb up (yes, the promo code worked), or the thumb down (nope, the promo code was a bust).

Some of the discounts (without logging in) currently include:

  • 15% off in-store and online (pictured)
  • $100 off $250 spent online.
  • 20% off the first Express purchase when signing up for email deals.
  • 15% off by downloading the Express app.

It appears that these deals change regularly, which is another incentive to sign up to receive alerts from stores frequented by the individual shopper.

Now let’s look at Dealspotr, a site that claims to have four times more promo codes than any other discount site. Dealspotr has some elements that are different from both RetailMeNot and Specifically, upon signing in, visitors become members of a community of savings-savvy shoppers who are able to “like” deals, share insight, and rank promo codes. Think of Dealspotr as a combination of all of the other promo code sites plus social media — an intriguing mix for bargain hunters. While visitors don’t have to sign up to take advantage of promo codes, to get all the cool features, go to the site and click the green Sign Up tab in the upper right corner. Dealspotr website Upper righthand cornerDealspotr website Upper righthand corner

A new window will open where visitors can select “I’m a shopper” to sign up for deals. Another window will open where visitors can fill in an email, and select a username and password. dealspotr

But wait — we haven’t even gotten to the Express page yet! Whether logged in or not, type in “Express” at the search feature in the top menu. It will take you to a unique individualized page for the retailer. express promote codes and coupons

Turns out Dealspotr wasn’t engaged in false advertising. Look at the deals we found on the Express page:

    • 39 promo codes
    • 58 site-wide promo codes
    • 6 free shipping
    • 88 sale discounts
    • 22 coupons for in-store purchases
  • all coupons and codes

That’s a lot of deals in one place. One unique feature on Dealspotr we hadn’t seen was the third party deals button on the left menu bar. Clicking on this feature takes the customer to another 49 promo codes for other stores selling Express products.

While all three sites are worth signing up for, each one has some interesting features that the consumer may consider. lists credit card companies offering promotions for new sign-ups. RetailMeNot has an intriguing cashback feature. Dealspotr has the cash back, more promo codes, and a social media community element that may be attractive to those shoppers that want to share great deals with other people.

No matter which site you choose, no one will have to pay full price at an Express store — or almost any other store, for that matter, ever again.

Shop on!


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