Fall Cleaning With Kids and How To Do It Properly

Fall Cleaning With Kids and How To Do It Properly
Teaching Kids How To Clean

Autumn has been knocking on our door for quite some time now, and finally, it arrived. New seasons come with new responsibilities around the house, but fortunately we don’t have to see them as a burden if our other family members get involved as well. When we say other family members, kids are who we’re aiming at. We implore you to take advantage of this opportunity, because it can really be a great way to make it your bonding time.

There are a couple of things you have to keep in mind when thinking about tidying up with your kids. Firstly, more than anything, kids love to play. Not only is it fun, but it’s also the single most prominent way through which they learn. So, there is your first task – MAKE IT FUN! Being creative is an absolute imperative, however, don’t forget to have a prize waiting in the end (Take them to the cinema, make them their favorite cake, promise whatever makes them happy). There is the second thing, reward them for being helpful, for it will make them want to help you in the future. Even though they are not going to be aware of it at the time, we know that you’re actually helping them by teaching them valuable life skills.


No matter what you are doing, having a check-list is always a good thing to have. Be systematic and concise while you’re making it, and make sure your kids get their copies too! One of the biggest advantages of having a check-list, is that it helps you stay on track! Here is a tip on how you can use these lists to motivate your kids to adhere to them. For example, make checkpoints. If there are 10 things on the “To do” list, write down “Lemonade time” after the third one, and “Cookie time” after the sixth one. You get where we’re going with this. It’s important to have breaks, especially if something yummy awaits us when they come.


One of the key things that needs to be done during the fall cleaning frenzy is making those windows sparkling like it’s nobody’s business. When colder seasons come, we aren’t going to keep our windows open most of the time, which means our house won’t be breathing as much as it did during the summer time. This implies that we have to get our windows dust free, before the rain and wind really kick in. While you are doing the wiping, it’s good to have your kids picking up those unnecessary sticks lying around in the garden. This way, both of you are going to be useful, and since most of the time they will be in your sight, you’ll simultaneously be looking after them. Trust us, this will make your lawnmower really grateful.


Frankly, there is a lot of fun stuff you can do together with your kids whilst dealing with all of those indoor tasks.

– Do the purge. All of us have our kitchen cabinets packed with goods that might have reached their expiration dates. Make your kids check what products are still good to be used, and which should go straight into the dumpster. While they are busy, you can wipe clean those empty cabinets.

–  Reorganizing the wardrobe. Now this can be a real treat! Pull out those winter clothes and make your kids try them and see what still fits and what doesn’t. If you want to get real creative, do a fashion show with them, why not. Again, while they are picking and choosing, make that wardrobe shine from the inside.

– If your kids are a bit younger, and they have lots of toys, let them fling into the bathtub all of those toys that have spent a lot time outside during the summer. This way, you will let them know that their stuff is equally important as yours, and that we need to look after it too!

However, if you don’t want to be bothered by cleaning, and you want to spend time with your kids doing different things, why not hire a reliable maid while you go on a holiday to celebrate Deepavali in Singapore!



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