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Taller Men’s Fashion Advice

You may not have noticed but most of the men’s clothing sold in the stores or shopping malls are sewed for men of average height. For those of you who are shorter or taller than average, you will have a hard time getting something to fit you comfortably. For the shorter men, some slight alteration can be done to the ready sewed clothing e.g. you can shorten the length of your shirts, sleeves or pants. But for the taller men, there is no way the clothing could be alter to fit you. Taller men are in for disappointment when it comes to shopping for clothing. Nothing seems to be made for taller men. So for most tall men, the only way to get something to fit is to tailor-made their own clothing.  Taller Men’s Fashion Advice

There is a difference between a big or a tall sized man, you may be big size but not a tall size or vice versa.  In other words, being tall does not mean big size.  If you are a tall man, do not despair. You need not have to feel bad about your height or wish yourself shorter. Most important is for you to accept your height and be natural about it. Tall men can look natural and confident when they are dressed comfortably in clothing that fit them well. By trying to squeeze into something that are smaller in size or shorter in length, the tall men will look unnatural and awkward.  And to make things more confusing, most of the stores that sell men’s clothing do not even know the difference!

The following are some taller men’s fashion advice.

Men’s shirts – the sleeves of the shirts should be long enough and not look like the sleeves have shrunk. The shoulder width of the shirt should be wide enough for the shirt to fit the shoulder naturally.

Men’s trousers/pants – The length of the pants should be long enough for the long legs. The crotch of the pants/trousers should have enough room for the pants to fit properly.

Tall men should refrain from wearing bold and glaring colours. Instead tall men should look for simple and smart dressing with a comfortable fit.

Well, do not despair, now you are empowered with more knowledge and knowing the difference on how to wear.  In fact it is very simple, just refer to this website for more details and guidelines for sizing.  Every little problem will be solve in no time and final result…. You’ll Look Good!!


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