Fashion Tips for Older Job Applicant Will Spell Success

Fashion Tips That Can Spell Success for Older Job Applicants

It can be really challenging for older women to find a job; even though you may have a brilliant resume, you really can’t do anything to change your age. However, there are plenty of ways to look more confident and attractive that could make the crucial difference when you are job hunting. 

Updating Your Appearance

According to fashion experts, three things act to indicate a woman’s age; hairstyle, handbag, and shoes as these are typically items that are refreshed less frequently in the wardrobes of older women.

Adopt a contemporary haircut and color: Refreshing your hairstyle is perhaps one of the most radical changes that you can take to project a modern appearance and attitude. There are plenty of haircuts that suit an older woman, right from a bob cut to a cropped cut that looks cute. If you prefer, you can wear your hair really long even if yours isn’t naturally long with the help of tape in extensions. If you are undecided, you can ask someone you admire to find out about a good hairstylist who can guide you with appropriate advice. Whenever you decide to make your hair long using extensions, always get the job done by a trustworthy professional.

Acquire a Classic Yet Modern Handbag

As is befitting for an older woman appearing for an interview, you should choose a handbag that has classic lines yet looks contemporary. You should try and avoid something that’s on the cutting edge of fashion because it may not gel well with the rest of your attire that will definitely be conservative and you never know what the people behind the table think about being very trendy. You cannot go wrong with a soft bag that is on the larger side; typically, shops that sell contemporary stuff will have something that you will like.

Choose Shoes That Are Stylish yet Comfortable

Even though older women have come to recognize the importance of comfortable shoes with the passing of years, it does not mean that you have to wear sneakers to the interview. Explore pumps or even boots that are made from soft materials, have a flat and cushioned sole, and yet are crafted with a sense of style that you can carry off. Make it a point to break in the shoes before you appear for the interview as walking in with a limp will not help you get the job.

Wear Clothes That Look Professional but Are Stylish

There are plenty of alternatives in clothing that can project a very professional and smart look that can give you an edge at the job interview. While a conventional business suit cannot ever go wrong, you get exude sophistication with a pencil skirt and a cardigan combo or even a smartly-cut pantsuit.


When you are an older woman trying to make the right impression, you should make sure that you are contemporary yet confident about the advantage that your seniority gives you. Be classically elegant while being modern and you are sure to be successful.

Author Bio: Ellen Graves is a senior writer for a fashion magazine. Apart from writing on fashion for various occasions, she also comments on methods of dressing up your hair, including how to use tape in extensions for creating the impact of long hair.


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