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 Playing Bingo from the Safety and Comfort of Your Own Home

Times are certainly changing, and not always for the better! As a regular bingo player I have found the cost of not only bingo tickets but also the cost of getting to and from my local bingo club have started to rise, and with personal safety being something I am occasionally worried about I tend not to visit such places for their evening sessions. Do You Have a Favorite Game Online

As such I am now one of the many millions of people worldwide who enjoy playing bingo from the safety and comfort of my own home, for there are plenty of different bingo sites I can play at via my home computer, or in fact any type of mobile device, and that may be something you are interested in doing too.

If so then I would encourage you to check out my favorite Gamesys sites, as those bingo sites all use the same gaming platforms which you can access online or via a mobile device and they offer all manner of different bingo games some of which you may never have come across before but will certainly enjoy playing!

Bigger Valued Bingo Prizes

One thing that online and mobile bingo sites are going to be offering you is some much higher valued payouts on their respective bingo games. With there being many more players logged onto such sites than could ever fit into a land-based brick and mortar bingo site you will find there is much more cash on offer via each bingo sites bingo games.

Another thing that you will hardly ever find on offer at your local bingo club or in your local bingo hall is free to access and free to play bingo games that offer real money prizes, so when playing at a bingo site you could win some huge amounts of cash at no cost!

What I tend to look out for are bingo games scheduled to start throughout the day, via the bingo schedules displayed on the bingo sites websites that have the biggest jackpots on offer. For those bingo games do give me the chance of winning big, and may not cost the earth to enter and play in!

In fact, due to the design of the bingo software at all of my favorite bingo sites, I can actually buy tickets for bingo games starting at any time of the day or night and not even need to be online when they are being played!

Read on to find out just how it is possible to do just that, for once you know you will never then miss out on being able to take part in jackpot games and will always have the chance of winning a life-changing bingo jackpot!

Unique Online Bingo Software Features

Once you have signed up to and become a player at most online or for that matter mobile bingo sites you are then going to be able to log into your account and take a look at all of the scheduled bingo games that are about to start or will be starting throughout the day or night.

If you fancy taking part in any of those bingo games but cannot be online when they are being played, then you can make use of a feature known as the pre-buy feature. That allows you to buy bingo tickets in advance for any bingo games you will to take part in.

However, what will then happen when those bingo games start that you have pre-bought tickets for, is that the bingo site software will automatically keep track of your bingo tickets for you, and if any of them win then the software will also shout bingo for you and claim your prize!

Bingo sites also have something known as an auto-dab feature and as such when you have bought any number of tickets the software will dab off every single number called out on any tickets purchased by you, and if any of them win the bingo software claims your prize for you, so you will never miss claiming a prize!

Most Popular Bingo Games

It does go without saying that some of the most played and therefore the most popular bingo games available at any bingo sites you do decide to sign up to and play at are going to be the games most players know and love having played them in other bingo venues.

As such look out for the game of 90 Ball Bingo, for when playing that game it is made up of three different rounds, and there will be a cash prize up for grabs for the first player forming a single line pattern and also cash prizes for the first player to form a two-line pattern and the full house pattern too. The full house is the part of the game which offers the highest cash prize by the way!

You will also find the popular game of  75 Ball Bingo also on offer at most if not all bingo sites, and that bingo game is popular with players as it offers a very wide and varied range of different winning patterns, so no two games will be the same!

There are also some speed bingo games that you may also come across such as the new 30, 40 and 60 Ball Bingo games, so if you do want to rattle through a lot of bingo games in the shortest space of time then look out for those games.

Finally, be on the look to for Chat Bingo games, for those are the most social types of bingo games you can play at any bingo site, and they use a chat room in which you can go on to claim all manner of additional bonus prizes, and as such they are bingo games you will enjoy playing as they offer a community styled playing environment where you can interact with lots of other players.Related:
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