Fitness for Women — Bench Press for The Perfect Body! 5 comments

Fitness for Women — Bench Press for The Perfect Body! Fitness for Women — Bench Press for The Perfect Body!

When it comes to females, there are several exercises for them at the gym. These exercises ensure that they get weight loss, body toning and fitness. At the same time, it is important for women to get into stamina training. However, when it comes to some stamina training and fitness exercises especially where weights are concerned, there are many myths. For instance, should women do a bench press at the gym? Some women only stay limited to cardiovascular exercises on the treadmill and elliptical machines or cross trainers. They refuse to lift weights as they have the illusion that they will become bulky like a man.

Weight Training Myths- The Bench Press

In Trampoline Park there are several credible and reputed gyms. These gyms ensure that women get into complete shape when it comes to their health and fitness. The experts of top gyms say that with age women suffer from many hormonal changes and other physical complications. Moreover, the female hormone estrogen takes a major dip and the signs of aging accelerate. This is where weight training will help you slow down the aging process and get a sculptured body. Most important- weight training does not make a female bulky at all- it is needed for toning the body and providing stamina.This is why fitness experts suggest that women should lift weights as they have numerous benefits.Fitness Experts from that when it comes to the bench press the following are some of the top benefits that women get-

  1. The perfect toned body- The perfect toned body is better than an hour glass figure that is fragile and weak. The bench press works on the chest muscles and ensures you pumps up heart health. Many women deter getting the bench press as at the gym, it is dominated by men in the weight training section. The bench press is better than pushups and chest flies. It is an effective way to keep your chest muscles on their toes!
  2. Improved posture-The bench press will improve your posture. Bad posture is bad for your overall health. When you are working out at the gym and doing the bench press, ensure that you have your fitness trainer with you to make sure you are doing it correctly. You must use the right weights and ensure that they are not too heavy or too light for you.
  3. Improve the health of your heart- Yes, with the bench press, you can improve the health of your heart and work up the muscles as well. You can get rid of excess chest fat. There are two forms that you can do- the decline bench press and the inclined bench.

Therefore, the next time, you go to the gym, do not shy away from the bench press. It does not harm you in any way. It is an effective exercise for your physical fitness. Talk to your physical trainer and start with light weights. Do it at least once a week to get effective results. Ensure you do the technique properly under strict supervision. With the passage of time, you will see your body respond magically!

Author bio: Anna Jones is a fitness expert with She helps women of all ages attain their fitness goals in a safe and effective way as per their health needs!
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