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Remember the last time you asked somebody how things were going, and they responded with something like, “Oh, you know, not very busy at all, just hanging out and doing things in my own time.”?

Yeah, me neither. It’s really not a thing these days. Generally, everybody has to say how busy they are. Meal Kits and Home Delivery

A certain group of people will also recognize the difficulty of eating well in these busy times. And the worst thing is they know it and struggle to do anything about it – it’s so easy to grab a sandwich from the deli for lunch or order a pizza when you get home from work tired. Common excuses include:

  • I don’t have time to cook
  • I don’t have time to look up fancy recipes
  • I don’t have time to go looking for specific ingredients in the supermarket
  • I buy fresh ingredients with good intentions, make a meal or two, and the rest goes bad
  • I end up buying a lot of one ingredient for one recipe, and what I don’t use goes bad
  • I could put a couple of hours aside to make a big batch of food, but I’ll get bored with it

I called them excuses, but they are valid reasons. Wouldn’t it be great if there was something to be done about this pickle?

The solution

Fear not, because, in this time of internet and wonder, there are plenty of meal kit delivery services available. I won’t pretend they’re 100% of a solution, but they’re as good as you’ll get for plenty of reasons.

So what even is it though? Well, quite simply, it’s a delivery of specific ingredients to your door, along with a recipe to use those specific ingredients. In case it’s not fully clear why this is a great solution for the busy workers of the world, here are a few reasons…

Firstly, you don’t have to spend any time looking for new and exciting recipes – they’ll send you a recipe just for the ingredients they send you. Which leads to the next point: they will only send you the number of ingredients you need to cook that particular recipe that’s in that delivery, so you won’t waste any food, and you don’t have to spend time in the supermarket looking for ingredients that you’ll never use again. Essentially, these kits pretty much eliminate any food waste. And finally, you’re not making a batch of food that you’ll get bored with.

That’s a lot of benefits, but I did say it wasn’t 100% of a solution. Unfortunately, you are still going to have to take the time to cook the meals, but hey – at least you didn’t have to stop to get groceries on the way home.

The choices

With a concept like this, you can be sure there’s more than one service available. Amazon customers may already be familiar with Amazon Fresh, which is primarily a grocery delivery service, but they do have meal kits available, and it’s a convenient enough option if you’re an Amazon customer anyway.

But, there are also companies who specialize in this type of service. As you can probably imagine, dedicated companies will have a little bit more flexibility than the likes of Amazon, and they’ll let you tailor your meals to suit you, your needs, and your circumstances. You can pick everything from how healthy you want it to be, to dietary requirements, to the frequency you want to receive your meals.

Two great examples of dedicated meal kit delivery services are Home Chef and Sun Basket. The basic premise of both of these companies is exactly as outlined above. Both are great services, and I do recommend giving each of them a go. Both offer impressive discounts for your initial use and don’t suck you into a contract you can’t get out of, so the worst that’ll happen is that you’ll spend about $10 on the convenience of fresh ingredients to cook. It’s really not the worst use of $10!

Sun Basket Food Delivery

Sun Basket Food Delivery

One thing in particular that I like about Home Chef and Sun Basket is that they both have solid corporate social responsibility policies, both in terms of minimizing wasted food, and a commitment to recyclable delivery packaging. There are other companies that use courier services for this purpose like chilled parcel delivery from Ask Absolutely


As mentioned, both Home Chef and Sun Basket offer really generous discounts in getting started, so it’s at least worth availing of them, just to try the very concept of meal delivery kits, and to see if it’s a premise that fits your busy lifestyle. It’s worthwhile to read the following sun basket reviews and home chef reviews to get a full grasp on all what the kits have to offer.

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