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Host a Girls’ Night Out, In! 

Nothing beats getting the girls together for some laughter, relaxation, good food, and drinks. If you are thinking of having your besties over this weekend, consider having a spa night. It’s affordable, easy to pull off and can really help you unwind after a long week of work and family responsibilities. A home spa night is a fun way to make sure you and the girls get your gossip time in, and you can save money on cabs and table service. Bring your own wine is always encouraged, and you can even take turns bringing new and exciting grown up drinks for the ladies to sample. However you decide to roll out your spa night, here are a few pointers to get you started. 

Have an Agenda

In an effort to keep the night moving, have a basic agenda ready. Think about what you will eat, drink and do. Don’t expect your guests to come with a bunch of ideas of how to spend the time. If you want to make the evening special and memorable, craft an agenda with at least one spa treatment – you can all take turns doing each other’s nails or giving each other a mini-facial. And plan for a takeaway of some sort: something your guests can take home with them. Make sure you know how many people will be attending so you can prepare enough seating and food. It’s perfectly acceptable to ask your guests to bring a dish of food – they will offer anyway, so take them up on that offer to make less work for yourself.

Set the Mood

While you can bet that there won’t be much downtime during a girls’ night, it is important to set the tone for the occasion with the right blend of soft and subtle music. Light some scented candles all around your house. Take a few extra minutes to clean up your bathroom, and light a candle there as well. Leave some really soft and supple hand towels for your guests to feel pampered. If you want something a little more upbeat, you can make a playlist of old high school favorites! Use Candles For Party


The girls will love that you took the time to help them feel nostalgic. If you are opting for the more upbeat music, throw some colored scarves over the lampshades to change the lighting and atmosphere! 

Make a Take-Away

Don’t just hang out and paint your nails, put your creative side to work by making some sugar scrub that you and your guests can keep. All you need is some white or brown sugar, and some essential oils, such as basil oil, or another oil of your choosing. It doesn’t take long to create something that smells amazing, can help you and your guests reduce stress and anxiety, and take your mind of the daily grind while you keep your hands busy making something beautiful and useful. You can buy inexpensive mason jars at dollar stores or local craft stores. Don’t forget the ribbon and stickers to personalize their jars. Spring Apothecary Jars and LabelsFinding DIY Home Decor Inspirations
Make Spring Apothecary Jars For Example

Make it a Monthly Event

Get the girls together once a month to unwind and have a laugh. Everyone can take turns hosting the girls’ night, each with a different theme or activity. Have fun!



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