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5 Ways to Keep Pests Away in the Spring

The spring season is known as the most common time of the year when insects arrive due to the warm weather outside. For many homeowners, it can be easy to come across creepy crawlers that make their way into the home. If you want to keep pests away during the warmer months of the year, there are a few important steps to take.

1. Avoid Leaving Food Out

Fruit, breadcrumbs, and leftovers that are left out in the kitchen can all attract bugs. From ants to cockroaches, different types of insects are always looking for food and will quickly infest certain areas of the property. Food and beverage containers should also be properly sealed. Cereal or food in bags should be kept in sealed boxes that are not easy to access for insects.

Hire Professionals
2. Hire Professionals

Hire professional exterminators like Mosquito Squad of Chattanooga to create a barrier spray that kills ticks and mosquitos. You can obtain a consultation to learn the most effective method that will be used to remove the mosquitos. You’ll protect your plants from damage and can also avoid getting bites during the spring season. Ticks are also prone to carrying diseases and can attach to pets that spend time in the home, making it necessary to eliminate the problem before it escalates.

3. Caulk Holes and Cracks

Insects and mosquitos are prone to getting into the home due to holes and cracks that have developed on the siding of the building. Caulk holes and cracks that have formed each year to eliminate accessways that welcome insects into the interior setting. There may also be cracks in the baseboards, cabinets, fittings, ducts, and pipes. You’ll also want to add new window screens to prevent insects from flying in through tears or ripped areas when the windows are left open.

4. Use Bug Repellant Lights

Bugs often find their way into the home because they’re attracted to the porch light and can get into the building once the door is opened. Use a yellow bug light to repel mosquitos and keep them away from points of entry to the home. USB led lamps are also useful and are commonly used on residential properties and have a warmer color temperature.

5. Watch What You Bring Into the Home

Many people are unaware that the items that they bring into the home can allow critters to get inside of the house. You may have a shopping bag that is full of fruits and vegetables that can make it easy for gnats and flies to get inside. The boxes that you carry can also carry pests or eggs.


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