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Outdoor Elegance for your Home 

Outdoor Elegance For Your Home

Wondering why your lawn does not look anything like some of your neighbors? Curious as to what steps you can take to improve the health and appearance of your lawn?

Are some of the trees on your property showing signs of deterioration? Need more shade for those hot summer months?

Have you dreamed of having a hot tub? Curious as to the possibility of having one outdoors at your home?

A tired, dried out lawn is sore to the senses. It is not pleasant to look at. As we walk across our lawn barefoot it stings the bottom of our feet. And our property value declines.

There are proactive steps that can be taken to improve the health of our landscaping. Don’t let your home’s value decline to the point where you lose ten’s of thousands of dollars when the time comes to sell.

Mother Nature will provide the moisture, until she won’t. Droughts happen. The weather is unpredictable. Have you considered a professionally installed sprinkler system?

According to licensed Certified Irrigation Contractors, a lawn sprinkler system maintenance will increase property values and provide aesthetic improvements. It could be a residence, commercial property, apartment complex or athletic field. Lawn Sprinkling Systems

Weather is unpredictable. You can rest assured not having to depend on Mother Nature to keep your lawn properly watered.

When the summer heat comes, as it always does, do you find yourself not having those perfect shaded spots on your property for an afternoon of relaxation? Perhaps you host numerous cookouts. It is frustrating to have to host people indoors due to a lack of shade.

Confronted with the idea of planting a tree, many of us (our husbands certainly shrug at this notion) shiver at the idea. Planting a tree is not so difficult after all. With some careful planning, we quickly find those helpful suggestions that make planting a tree a fun experience.  Part of the joy in tree planting on our property comes with watching it grow. In addition, trees bring wildlife to our property which includes birds of various types which makes for pleasant afternoons bird watching.

The great news is that you have a professionally installed sprinkler system now, so any trees that you plant will be properly watered for years of growth and enjoyment.

What other special touch can you add to your home to create an even more relaxing experience for not only you, but for your family and guests? Ever been to a friend or neighbor’s home who has an outdoor hot tub?  Year round enjoyment is yours for the taking, if you decide to purchase a hot tub for your home. Fear not if you live in a cold weather climate where Old Man winter brings the “heat” so to speak.

Helpful suggestions are available for those who choose to enjoy their outdoor hot tub during the harshest of winter months. It would be wise to consider placing your hot tub near some cover, for example some trees, to provide ample shade during the sun drenched summer months.  Your home is a place to unwind. We work hard to have what we do, and are entitled to some of life’s greatest pleasures. Create an atmosphere at your home that will have you yearning for time there.  Terrazza Trough Planter
Terrazzo Trough Planter Available at My Pots and Planters

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