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Decorating your home sounds like fun at first, but it’s also a lot of work. There are many details and options to consider as you tackle your project. Try not to get overwhelmed before you even begin rolling up your sleeves.

These pointers are going to help you not only survive the updates but thrive through the process. Remember that it’ll all be worth it in the end when you have a beautiful home to show for. Your best bet is to plan, prepare and budget for all you want to do with your space. See tips to help you through your home decorating project.

One Project Created with a chest of draws and wallpaper

Idea from: Good House Keeping

Gather Ideas

Before you take any action, it’s a good idea to gather ideas and find what it is you love. Go online and save files to your computer in an organized fashion. Always remember to back up your computer and run any required updates, so you don’t risk losing your important files. Should you run into any issues, it’s best to call the experts who have a data recovery clean room to work in. This prevents media components from taking on serious damage during repairs. The good news is that if you lose any data, they will be able to get it back for you.

Decorate a Side Table With Brass Tacks

Idea Source: Good Housekeeping

Tour Homes

In addition to looking online, it’s a good idea for you to go and tour homes, and see for yourself what homeowners are doing currently. Take pictures if you can and make notes about what features you’re in love with and which ones you could do without. Getting to see the décor with your own two eyes is going to help you narrow down your preferences. It’s also going to allow you to see what’s trending in the area. You can go to Instagram and search #hometours and come up with 100’s of before and after pictures to find creative ideas. And also on Pinterest, I searched for Home Tours I could spend a lot of time thumbing through all the homes I found for ideas.
Amara US
Amara International
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Decide what you can DIY

This is a great time to determine what you can DIY and what you’re going to need to purchase or hire help for completing. Start a list of projects and mark down which items you want to give a shot doing yourself. This is how you’re going to save money and not go over your budget. Plan ahead, so you’re prepared to tackle projects in the near future and have time to get them done. You don’t want your DIY tasks holding up the entire decorating project.

Wine Cork Topped Table- Mom 4 Real

Idea From Mom 4 Real

Start Small

Instead of tackling your entire house, start one room at a time. Begin where you think your house needs the most work and go from there. Implement a few updates and continue to build upon your successes. Otherwise, you risk becoming overwhelmed and trying to do too much at one time. Create a schedule of which rooms are getting your attention when and what updates you’re making in each space.

Making a Few Changes To A Room-Elizabeth Erin Designs

Ideas From Elizabeth Erin Designs

Something that has come back around is wallpaper
This is something I am seeing more of, using wallpaper to create murals on walls in the home, I have even seen finding a print and framing it as if it is a picture as an accent wall. There are so many beautiful mural type wallpapers now.

Honey Bloom Mural

Originally found on A New Wall

One of the best ways to plan out new projects in your home is called Mood Boards. Im sure you have heard of those, with colors and styles that are your favorites and then make decisions to move forward with your ideas for your home updates.

FInd tons of Mood Board ideas on Pinterest

Mood Boards


Decorating your home isn’t so bad when you break it down and manage the mission properly. Figure out what you like and how you can make it a reality in your home with these guidelines. These are tips to help you through your home decorating project.
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