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How to Handle Cyberbullying
Cyber Bullying-
Simply said, cyberbullying is the use of technology to bully, harass, threaten, embarrass, humiliate or target another person. It can include texting, instant messaging, or emailing and can be found on online forums, chat rooms and social media. Unlike other forms of bullying, cyberbullying doesn’t require face-to-face contact so coping with it can be very difficult. Furthermore, it can happen to anyone with an Internet connection, or a mobile phone.

For people who are victims of cyberbullying, the effects can be quite devastating, leaving them feeling angry, depressed, humiliated, even self-destructive or suicidal. If this type of bullying threatens your psychical or mental health, remember that the best way to deal with it is by seeking suitable and professional psychological assessment.

No type of cyberbullying should ever be allowed! Learn how you can protect yourself and the ones you love, by following these tips.

How to protect yourself from cyberbullying?

Being bullied online can make you feel helpless and alone, but there are ways you can protect yourself or your children from this so-called social terror of technology.

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If you are a victim of cyberbullying, it’s important not to respond to any messages or posts with this type of content. Sometimes the best option is to just simply ignore all the abusive or inappropriate provocations. Stop engaging with a person who offends you, or get off the unsafe websites. Keep in mind that the bully wants you to believe that the online world is more real than it really is. A cyber bully is usually a very dissatisfied and unhappy person who craves control over your emotions, so just don’t give them that pleasure.

You can always keep a record of bullying messages or comments on social media. Make a folder where you will keep the evidence of online bullying. Show the person you trust the inappropriate content, or simply use that material to report it to the authorities if the situation becomes bad.

Another thing to consider is blocking the user, as you have this option on most social media platforms. This is maybe the simplest, but also the most effective way to stop someone from bullying you online. Furthermore, consider looking for a report button on the website. Reporting the user is also an easy method of fighting cyberbullying and many websites have the online policies against it.

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If you are a teenager who suffers bullying, the most important thing to do is talk about it with an adult you trust. Remember that bullying affects thousands of kids and teenagers just like you and that it’s not shameful to speak about it.

How to protect your kids from cyberbullying?

Probably the most important thing you can do to save your children from cyberbullying is educate them, speak with them about online security, encourage them to take action, and constantly remind them that they are not alone. Also consider limiting their data access, or setting up security filters on their computer. Tracking software which blocks unwanted content can be of great help, as well.

How to protect yourself from cyberbullying

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Educate them about the negative aspects of today’s technology. If they suddenly become sad, unmotivated or angry while using the Internet or mobile phone, or if they are secretive and reserved about their online activities, maybe they are victims of cyberbullying.  Keep in mind that you can monitor their online presence by using some of the great parental control apps that are available today. As a parent, you now have the opportunity to view their web activity and keep an eye out for any suspicious activity.

Cyberbullying can be a frightening and traumatic experience, especially if you feel lonely or abandoned. But remember – you’re not! And above all, you have a lot of beautiful things to do in your life. Caring about online bullies is not one of them.

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