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Calcium Pyruvate Weight Loss Supplement

With the new year coming our thoughts lend to new beginnings, organization, weight loss and new healthy ways of taking care of ourselves.  I was ask to write about calcium pyruvate as a way to help in weight loss. And in researching I found that this mixture of calcium pyruvate helps to increase the your bodies metabolic rate and helps the body to not regain weight.

calcium pyruvate is a natural product and found in foods as in cheese, red wine, red apples, and dark beer. calcium pyruvate helps to transport sugars (glucose) into the blood stream help the muscles to help improve excessive endurance. It is suggested that it helps reduce the fat stored in and around the stomach and other parts of the body

Lose Weight

  • Increase their Metabolic Rate 
  • May increase their Energy Level
  • May increase weigh loss

Being natural it helps to break down proteins and carbs and can also help in digestion and helps turn foods into energy. It also helps to balance the bodies pH and alkaline levels. I read that it can help even when being inactive, such as sitting or lying down.

Side Effects, can cause bloating, gas, diarrhea and stomach upsets.

If considering using calcium pyruvate in your weight loss regime it is best to check your health care professional.

calcium pyruvate

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