The Power of Red: Health Benefits of Eating Red Foods 3 comments

The Power of Red: Health Benefits of Eating Red Foods

It’s well-known that a healthy diet should include all kinds of colors on your plate and each type of food is equally important for our overall health. However, there are certain food groups that can actually keep the doctor away if consumed regularly. This is especially true for red fruits and vegetables which can help your skin get that dewy look, decrease your cholesterol levels, and support your weight loss in the best way possible. So, here’s how powerful red foods are.

Get your glow back Get your glow back with reds

For improving the texture, moisture, and elasticity of your skin consuming adequate amounts of vitamin A is a must. Red peppers are a great source of this vitamin which is beneficial both for your skin and your teeth. It also helps your skin develop an epithelial tissue which serves the first line of defense against bacteria. The same goes for cherries – they’re packed with vitamin A and C that are proven to help with fighting inflammations on your skin.

Antioxidants are also important for taking good care of your skin – they limit the production of free radicals thus reducing the damage to the skin cells. Beets and berries are full of antioxidants so that’s another reason to make them a part of your regular diet.

Do a spring detox Do a spring detox With Red Foods

Now that the spring is here your body could use a fresh start and there’s no better way to give it one then by opting for detoxifying foods. A lot of fresh vegetables and fruits can be found in the markets so next time you go groceries shopping – put raspberries and cherries on top of your shopping list. They can be found in stores all year round and they’re full of fibers that are good for digestion.

It’s a sad fact that people eat too much processed food thus overloading the liver and stopping it from doing what it does best – removing the toxins out of your body. Fresh vegetables, such as peppers and tomatoes help your liver purge toxins out of your body and make your spring detox more effective.

Fasten your weight loss  Fasten your weight loss with red foods

Eating a half of fresh red grapefruit every day is proven to have a positive effect on weight loss while red chili peppers have a substance called capsaicin that can help reduce appetite and stimulate fat burning. So, have a glass of grape juice in the morning and spice up your meals with some chilies and watch your kilos disappear.

Some beans and legumes, especially red lentils and kidney beans are high in protein and fiber which keep you feeling satiated for longer and help you eat less. So, if you’re on a journey of weight loss, make sure you include red foods in your diet. Measure your improvement with a reliable body tracker app and you’ll see how effective red food is in helping you lose weight.

Protect your heart  Protect your heart with red foods

While strawberries are an excellent source of folate that improves heart health, cherries are full of potassium that lowers down blood pressure and thus protects your overall health. Potassium and vitamin C are also found in tomatoes meaning that a tomato a day can keep the cardiologist away. Don’t forget about bad cholesterol as well and add raspberries, watermelons, and red grapefruit into your diet.

Watermelons also improve blood vessel function and lower the risk of stroke. They’re packed with a substance called lycopene that decreases the risk of a heart disease, too. Lycopene naturally occurs in most of the red vegetables and fruits – it’s the thing that gives them the red color. Tomato and its products are also a great source of lycopene, so make sure you eat more of that, too.

As you can see, red foods can be true superheroes of your everyday diet. Besides their many proven health benefits, they’re also fabulously tasty and that makes their consumption far more enjoyable. So, go ahead and try a few recipes with red foods – the results will amaze you.

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