Health Series: 10 Things To Know About Flies

10 Things You Should Know About Flies 

As soon as summer of fall arrives you will notice that flies start to appear everywhere. Their presence ranges from simply annoying to painful; if you are prone to being bitten. Of course, they can also carry infections in their blood and transmit them to you.

Dealing with Fly Control

Having flies near your food or even in your home is something that you will want to deal with. You can choose to use fly paper, which is a passive removal system.

If you prefer a more aggressive method of fly control then you will find some excellent electrical devices on the market which will solve your issue.

Facts About Flies

While it is unlikely to change your opinion of flies and your need to remove them from your home, you may find the following facts interesting:

  1. There are over 110,000 species of flies in the world!

In fact, many flies actually mimic other animals. For example, the bee fly looks like small bees but are actually flies. This disguise helps them to avoid predators.

  1. Flies are beneficial.

Surprisingly many flies do actually serve a purpose. Floes which visit flowers assist bees in pollination. Others, such as the hover fly are beneficial to gardeners; their eggs hatch into maggots which eat many garden pests.

  1. Flies Carry Disease.

This is probably something you already know, but some species of fly, particularly the mosquito are carriers of the most dangerous diseases for humans; such as malaria. Even the humble house fly can carry anthrax and dysentery.

  1. Flies Don’t Have Teeth

When you are bitten by a fly it is not the teeth doing the biting, they don’t have any! In fact, they use their long tongue to penetrate your skin, or the outer layer of a flower. This allows them to suck the blood or nectar; depending upon which you have.

Without teeth to be able to eat, a fly needs liquid food. To achieve this it will vomit on any food it finds. The vomit acts as an acid which dissolves the food and allows them to suck it into their stomachs.

  1. Their Favorite Food is Manure

To give you an idea regarding how the fly transmits so many diseases you simply need to realize that their favorite food is manure! Manure; which is animal poop, has a sweet smell to attract flies. The germs contained in the poop can survive for a long time; making it possible to flies to absorb them weeks after the manure has been created.

  1. They Live Everywhere

It is believed that the fly originated in central Asia but they have now conquered the entire world. Bizarrely, it is humans that have aided this. Flies benefit from living near to humans and our pets, as humans have diversified and travelled so have the flies!

  1. They Reproduce Rapidly

A female fly can lay 120 eggs in one go. This would be a serious issue if it were not for the fact that a fly lives just 6 days.

  1. They Are Slow Flyers!

Have you ever tried to catch a fly? They seem to move incredibly quickly. However, despite the fact that their wings move 1,000 times a minute they only fly at 4.5 miles per hour; you can actually walk faster.

Flies will also generally stay very close to home; providing there is food nearby they see little point in relocating. Research suggests they fly just 1,000 meters in their 6 days of life.

  1. Their Taste Buds Are In Their Feet

When a fly lands on a surface, it decides if it is edible or not by walking round the item. If their taste buds, which are located on their feet, start to tingle; they will start to eat.

  1. They Poop a Lot

A fly has a liquid diet, so it is not surprising that their food passes though their system very quickly. In reality, they will poop virtually every time they land; something worth considering net time one lands on your food!



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