Get More Out Of Your History Degree With a Blog

How Writing a Blog Can Help You Get More Out of Your History Degree

Are you currently working to earn your online master in history? Are you looking to make the very most of the program and the information you are learning? Making the most of your online MAH program means you’ll be that much better prepared to enter the workforce once you graduate. You’ll be that much more marketable and knowledgeable, which is exactly what employers are looking for.

Did you know that writing a blog and chronicling your experience during your masters of history online can help you to become more well-rounded and employable? Here we’ll take a look at how a blog can help you, and some tips that will help you write a blog. Get More Out Of Your History Degree With a Blog

Get Your Name Out There

One of the hardest parts about finding that first career job right out of college or university is the fact you don’t have any previous experience. This is your first major job, and without that experience your resume can seem rather weak and thin even if you’re only looking at entry-level positions.

One way to help look more marketable is to start working on making a name for yourself in the field. There is absolutely no reason you can’t be doing this while still in school, which is what a blog will help you to do. You can discuss pieces of history you are covering in your studies at that moment, create open discussions, and even do your own research outside of your studies.

In marketing terms your blog helps you to create your personal brand. It advertises who you are, your ideas, and what you stand for. A link to your blog can be included in your resume/portfolio.

Let Your Blog Help You to Network

Another way in which a blog can be quite useful is that it can help you with networking. All too often it’s about the contacts you know in the industry that will help you hear about jobs and positions that may fit your expertise.

Blogging Tips to Keep in Mind

If you’re ready to tackle blogging, there are some tips that you will want to keep in mind. These tips will help ensure that your blog is not only professional looking, but gets attention.

Blog about what you know. This is one of the most important tips out there. You don’t want to come off looking confused and inexperienced, instead blog about what you know and what you feel passionate about – which in this case is history.

Blog on a very consistent basis. You’ll find that in order to get followers and visitors to your blog you’re going to need to blog on a regular basis. Leaving too much time between blogs and not setting up a consistent schedule will cost you traffic.

Make sure the content is professional and the site works smoothly.

Let Your Voice be Heard

Creating a blog where you can discuss what you’re learning in your history degree is a great way to make a name for yourself in the industry, set yourself apart from others, work on your craft, and really set yourself up for success once you graduate.

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