How to Add More Colour to Your Minimalist Design

What happens when minimalism meets colourful design? Well, judging by the looks of it, the results are quite extraordinary. The trend of minimalist design has rapidly spread across the globe as one of the leading trends in interior design. It’s mostly characterized by sleek interiors, minimal number of accessories and absence of colour.

Recently, the idea of introducing more colour into the minimalist design became quite a prominent feature. It was mostly accepted by individuals with a keen eye for interior trends and minimalist, breathable spaces, but who are also experienced in terms of decorating and implementing changes without necessarily breaking the bank.

Reflecting Your Personal Style Reflecting Your Personal Style Using Minilisim

Our home environments are nothing more than expressions of ourselves, quite similar to our fashion styles. How you dress yourself and how you decorate your living space is actually in tight correlation and not rarely, people tend to transfer their personal styles on everything in their surroundings. If you’re a certain someone who indulges in sheer minimalism of their surroundings, it’s quite possible that your fashion style is also quite limited in colour.

But even those who embrace a minimalistic sense of style, know that it’s necessary to break the monotony by an unexpected splash of colour. Like that, a full black wardrobe almost always finds a partner in a brightly coloured handbag, just as white and grey outfits are usually embellished with a sparkly set of jewellery. The same can be applied to interior design, as the use of neutral colours in the home environment needs to be accompanied by a sudden colourful design.

A European Twist on Minimalism A European Twist on Minimalism

Minimalistic designs became quite popular over the last few years and they were highly influenced by the aesthetically appealing Scandinavian settings. These European interiors were praised amongst many, mostly because of the monochromatic colour palette, which seemed to perfectly depict how life looks in that part of the world.

Apparently, someone decided that these cold surroundings deserve a bit of life, which was introduced in forms of military green, pistachio and duck egg blue. This subtle transition has managed to add more life to Scandinavian interiors, while still maintaining and preserving the essence of minimalism.

Introducing Nature into Your Home Introducing Nature into Your Home Using Minilisim

When thinking about introducing more colour into our home environments, the best solution is to seek help from Mother Nature herself. There’s just something passionate and outstanding about letting nature permeate our homes, even only through the use of colour.

Pantone has introduced the colour of the year for 2017, which has automatically found its place in both fashion and interior design. Greenery, as it’s called makes the perfect nature-inspired shade whose presence greatly follows the minimalistic form in interior design and manages to capture the true essence of nature in a somewhat unnatural and plain surrounding. Natural splendour can always be achieved through the use of plants and flowers, which are always welcomed even in the most impersonal minimalistic settings.

Colour Through Art  Colour Through Art-Minilism

Art plays a significant role in interior design and has managed to find its way even in the minimalist decor that isn’t quite affectionate towards embellishments and accessories. However, minimalistic art is the thing of the future and paintings, photography and assemblage art with subtle traces of colour are fine examples of how art manages to introduce more colour in these monochromatic settings. These issues are best resolved by a designer specializing in interior design, who knows how to perfectly master the minimalist style and add a bit of interest to its environment.

Seemingly simple and easy to achieve, the minimalistic design is recognized as one of the renowned interior styles around the world. Contrary to this popular belief, mastering the art of minimalism and learning proper ways to embellish it with colour is a challenging task and requires great knowledge of the subject.

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