How to Make Your Home Feel More Cozy

How to Make Your Home Feel More Cozy

We all want a warm and cozy feeling house to come home to, but it’s not always easy to get the right look. Here is a basic guide to give you a home with that family feel that everyone will enjoy.

Choose Warm Colors 

The colors you choose for the interior walls of your home make a big difference, not only in how it looks but also how it feels. Spend some time choosing the right color and you can add a nice feeling of warmth to a room without any major construction needed.

If you don’t feel like going through the hassle of painting an entire room, you can accent an otherwise cold-feeling room with warm highlights from throws, pillows, and area rugs.

Use Window Coverings

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Bare windows can make your home look sterile and unlived-in. Try using curtains or other shades to make things feel more cozy. You can also use a combination of curtains and blinds for maximum coziness.

Blinds are a great choice as well, and will help block out the glare during family movie night. They also adjust easily to let the sun in during the day. For the uninitiated, your first blinds installation can be tricky, but after you’ve done it a few times you’ll feel like a pro.

Rugs Are Your Friend

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If you have hardwood, linoleum, or vinyl plank flooring, you’ll want to warm things up with strategically-placed rugs. They bring a cushiness that a hard surface doesn’t, and the contrast between the way the rug feels and the way the hard floor feels makes all the difference.

Try different sizes of rugs, as well as different shapes to see what works best in each room. You might find that an oval shape works best in one room, while a rectangular or square shape works better in another.

Use Dimmable Lights

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Dimmable lighting is great because you can replicate candle light without a fire hazard. It not only sets a romantic mood, but can also be great to get the kids ready for bedtime by dimming the lights and keeping things quiet an hour before bed.

You can even find dimmable LED lights so that you get the dimming effect while enjoying the benefits of an energy-saving bulb that doesn’t need to be replaced as often. Be sure that the LED packaging says that it’s dimmable or otherwise it won’t be.

Designate Spaces

Most of us have a space designated for watching TV together, but it’s also a good idea to have spaces available to read a book, work on crafts, and take a nap. A reading nook is easy enough to make, all you need is a comfy chair, and a bookshelf.

Use Floral Accents

Image: Home Decorating Blog

Wherever you can, try sprucing up your home with flowers. They don’t have to be real flowers because those will just dry out and need to be replaced. Try silk flowers instead, they look very realistic and provide the same feelings with next to no maintenance required.

With just a few simple tweaks you can take your home to the next level of coziness and you will let out a sigh of relaxation every time you come home.

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