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Top flooring choices to give your home office a professional look

Do you want to give your home office a professional look? Do you want to make it comfortable and good-looking but at the same time functional? Well then you might want to start revamping the floor. When it comes to home renovations, many homeowners only think of changing the furniture. But there’s more than that if you want your place to feel great too. Changing the floor is equally important. Check out these top flooring systems and transform your office into a productive, chemical-free work environment.

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Cork may not seem like the most common solution for your home office’s floor. And yet, this option can prove to be extremely useful and practical. Cork is an excellent flooring material. It is harvested from the bark of a tree; hence it’s eco-friendly too. It also packs anti-microbial properties which will reduce allergens within your home. Considering that the office is a work place, you need it to be breathable and airy. Cork floors are fire retardant and they require little maintenance. Just like wood, cork can be easily painted and stained. Choose the color that best complements your style and transform your home office into the most productive work environment.

Bamboo Flooring for a home officeBamboo

Bamboo is yet another excellent alternative to wooden floors. This type of material is in fact a grass with similar properties to hardwood. It requires little maintenance, is quite durable and easy to install. The manufacturing process is eco-friendly too; bamboo is sustainable, lightweight and comfortable to the feet. It comes in a wide variety of hues and patterns, thus making it an ideal choice for a home office.

Glass tiles

Did you ever ask yourself what happens to old beer and wine bottles during the recycling process? Well then, most are converted into amazing glass tiles. This brand new renewable source has become an innovative flooring option for people’s homes. Glass comes with similar benefits of additional green materials. It is water-proof but not that soft to the feet; it can be an excellent option for an office that looks incredibly minimalistic and professional. Glass tiles require little maintenance too; they’re easy to clean and they won’t stain. Furthermore, glass comes in a wide variety of finishes, patterns and styles; and the tiles are suitable for a lot of design schemes.


Floors made of rubber are manufactured from recycled tires and are quite common in gyms and playground areas for kids. Recently, this type of flooring system has found its way into people’s homes too, including the kitchen, office and living area. Rubber is eco-friendly, extremely durable and shockproof. It is comfortable to the feet and versatile; an excellent flooring option for a home office. Choose a patterns or design that goes with the rest of your décor and transform your working space into the most functional and productive environment.

Wool carpet for a home office flooring coverWool Carpet

A wool carpet covering your entire home office is an excellent way of making a working space comfortable and modern. This type of flooring solution comes in a wide variety of patterns and colors; wool is an all-natural resource that can be easily dyed and created to last for decades. It can be an excellent alternative to “colder” flooring options. Wool carpeting works best in homes with cooler temperatures; it provides warmth and it will certainly make working hours go faster.

Polished concrete

Many residences use concrete as a sub-floor for their homes. In the recent years, this type of material has increased tremendously in popularity, and is now a major flooring option in people’s hallways, kitchens and even bathrooms. Concrete may not seem like the most typical material for a home office floor, but then again if you want an extravagant, out-of-the-ordinary working space, concrete is the answer.

There are plenty of flooring options available for your home office out there. Choose the one that best matches with your personal sense of style and transform your working space into the most comfortable and productive working nook. Invest in a top-quality material, select the appropriate design and enjoy! The variety of colors and designs is endless. Pick the most interesting style and you’ll love working from the comfort of your own residence.

By Davis Miller and CobaEurope.com!

flooring choices to give your home office a professional look


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