Home Series: Top 5 Things Not to Overlook When Renovating

Top 5 things not to overlook when renovating

Top 5 things not to overlook when renovating

If you are undertaking renovation work in your property you need to make sure that you do not overlook any considerations which may turn out to be important to the overall success of the project. There are also important points to remember that can help you save on the overall cost of the renovation.

We are going to provide you with advice about five of the top things you should not overlook when it comes to planning and completing a renovation project. Hopefully, you should find this information useful if you are renovating part of your property.

Optimisation of storage

One of the most important considerations in most residential residences is the availability of sufficient storage. If you are renovating your property you need to take this into account. There is little point in making a space visually appealing if there is nowhere to place items such as clothing, books or shoes.

If the space in your home is restricted it’s a good idea to include creative storage as part of your renovation. You can think about attaching colourful hooks to a wall. They can act as an item of decoration as well as being an ideal place to hang coats and bag. You may also want to include built-in storage as part of your overall renovation plan.

Repair of any underlying issues

Before you make any changes to an area of your home it’s vital to ensure that any structural issues are rectified. This can include problems such as ceiling cracks or leaking pipes. If you notice any sign of a leak in your home you never ignore it and hope that the renovation work will cover it up. If a leak is not dealt with it’s only likely to worsen.

If you have any doubts it’s worth having leak detection carried out before you start to renovate. Doing this can save from encountering potential issues as you progress.

Practicality of worktops

You should never choose a worktop material just because you think it’s the “one to have”. Every material has positive and negative aspects to it. You need to spend time taking a look at the properties of different worktop materials and choose the one which best suits your overall requirements. For instance, if you lead a busy life you are not well advised to choose a material which regularly needs to be sanded and sealed; you need a worktop which is low maintenance.

Reasons to be timeless

If you are spending a considerable amount of money on a renovation project you probably do not want to have to redo the work in the near future. It can be good to follow your heart with the design of a room but you also need to consider practicalities. Before you start renovating you need to think about the effect your choices could have on the future use of a space and the potential sale value of your property.

It’s often a good idea to opt for a timeless design that brings a new lease of life to your home and is not going to require revisiting should design tastes change in the future. You may want to think about adopting neutral shades and classic lines with an added splash of colour to reflect your personal style.

Thinking about re-use

At the start of a renovation project it can seem like a good idea to simply demolish the current structure of a room; this is not necessarily a good idea. There may be items in a room, such as handles and door knobs, that can be re-used as part of the new design of the space.

Renovation work can be exciting and it’s easy to get carried away with concentrating on the result you envisage. Hopefully, we have given you some useful advice that will help you to concentrate on important aspects of any renovation project that should not be overlooked.


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