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It used to be that when you had marble installed in your house, it was specifically used for 3 different applications. You either had it placed on the floor for flooring, you had it placed in the shower or you had it placed on your counters as a counter top or you just liked it so much that you used the wallpaper that had the marble pattern on it. But, man, marble can be used in so many other ways. If you want to add the marble to your spaces but you want to do it in a different way, continue reading below for some more ideas on places you can put marble, as well as different variations to consider.    Slab Marble In Your Home-New Use On Your Back Splash

Slab Marble For A backsplash / Counter Combination

Okay so putting marble on your counters is very old school, but another application here is using a big slab of it, and placing it on the walls as a backsplash. This will create a really uniform look and it’s perfect for other decor styles besides just traditional or contemporary, like modern for instance. Add in a few stainless steel appliances like a hood, oven, and fridge, with darker wooden cabinets and a granite floor and you have a very different look with marble.

Glass Mosaic Tiles As A Backsplash

If you don’t love the whole slab idea or look (or cost!) you can also find some very pretty milky marble mosaic tiles. These don’t even have to be placed throughout the entire circumference of the kitchen. You can just place it in one space if you want to and because these are smaller and lighter pieces of marble, they will also cost less. One option is to consider a dark gray, light gray and white mosaic tile. Add in a marble counter, white cabinets, maple wood cabinets and a wood laminate floor to tie everything together.

Small Traditional Bathroom

Just because you have a smaller bathroom does not mean that you can’t have marble. In fact, this is actually a very smart way of going about it. Slab or tile marble is going to cost more a square footage you have! Essentially this is very budget friendly and anyone can do it. Instead of placing slabs on the walls, just use the tiles on the flooring.

All Marbled Out

If you really love stone tiles and marble in particular, and you have a pretty decent budget, why would you do the entire room in the same type of marble when you could pick different styles and cuts? One idea is to use herringbone for the marble on the floors, then use marble tiles to create a wainscoting and then use slabs inside the shower/on the shower floor. This creates a really different look, but it also still stays super classy and traditional too.

Subway Marble Tile

Subway tiles don’t just come in stone and porcelain, they also come in marble (and other materials). Subway tiles are called this name because of the shape, and how they are installed. If you want to use subway marble tiles, instead of doing the entire bathroom, think about adding in a glass mosaic tile stripe in a bold color and then place subway marble tiles below and above the stripe. It breaks up the monotony of the subway tiles and brings color into the bathroom.

Bathroom – Sunken Tub

Another fantastic idea if you have a sunken tub is to use marble around the tub, but then also build the tub up higher than you normally would and use either one or two steps against the tub. The steps can then also be made from 2 types of marble. The top layer would be a cut slab with scalloped edges and the back part of the steps can be 4×4 squares of marble. It creates a really pretty style, but it’s not over doing it. Add in a wood side for the tub, stainless steel or chrome finishes on the hardware a similar white color to that if the marble, for the flooring such as stone or even concrete that can be stained.

Marble Tile Scraps

Another cool idea is to use marble in a laundry room. Instead of using giant slabs on the floors or the walls you can instead use “scraps” ie; irregular cut shapes and sizes of marble in different colors and install these onto the floor. Make sure you can an array of colors, like white, creamy white, gray, slate gray, deep blue, tan and more.



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