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You Don’t Need To Plan A Fred Flintstone Design To Keep Your Home Free From Toxins

As consumer awareness about allergies and dust damage grew over the past couple of decades, people started peeling back carpets so that they could expose wood floors and keep their homes clean of germs and debris that might cause health problems. One idea that families had was to mitigate the possibility of asthma affecting their family members.

That type of thinking led to fewer fabrics and textiles that would shed being put into the interior of homes. Of course there were several designers that said that the use of soft, plush interior materials shouldn’t be an issue.

Here are some ways to ensure that your interior stays free from toxins:

Use a green cleaning partner:

Sure, it may be the case that your carpets and your upholstery are shedding pollution daily that can actually cause asthma and other health ailments. But they don’t need to be permanently removed in order for you to have a livable environment. Instead, if you find a green cleaning partner that offers certified green cleaning solutions, they can maintenance your home and keep the level of toxins below what you would find in an industrial-style loft. One company in New York, Green Choice Carpet Cleaning NYC, is adept at working with floor coverings as well as upholstery to ensure that your environment stays pristine.

Use furniture covers:

You may have used to tease your grandparents about their dust covers. In the end, however, what they did saved them wear and tear on their furniture and kept dust from your lungs. It may, therefore be a good idea to look in to modern covers that take advantage of the latest dust-free materials, yet are attractive. And of course, if you do get furniture covers, make sure that you get them in a material that is easy to wash.

Heirloom rug choices:

One of the most worthwhile investments in home decor right now happens to be the type of oriental rug that is authentic and made by hand. Built to last more than 1000 years with good care, its low pile nature gives owners a break when it comes to storing dust. It can also be professionally cleaned by a green carpet cleaning vendor as part of a maintenance schedule.


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