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Coffee Third Wave – Different Kind of Coffee and the Latest Equipment to Have

You know that different people make a group that share the same thoughts. Similarly, there are different groups of thoughts who like a different kind of coffee, but within the group, everyone has the same opinion about it. Different continents love the different taste of coffee from the different kind of equipment or you can say “Hardware”. But something is common and it is the love for the Java and everyone shares the same love. Something about coffee culture should be known and this is the reason I wanted to write this post.

In the title, you may be amazed about “coffee third wave”. It is said the third wave because we are the third proper generation who is enjoying these different varieties of coffee. Our ancestors were not very lucky to enjoy this much taste as we are enjoying today. The aim of this article is to describe different names for coffee, different kind of coffee beans and different kind of equipment that we use to make a tasteful cup of coffee. This is a complete informative article that will help you to understand which coffee you should try next and which equipment you should have in your home.

Different Popular Names of Coffee

Coffee Flavors Board

There are different ways to drink coffee and according to those ways, there are different names for them. I am mentioning some of the popular names you may listen in your daily life.

Americano – In the Espresso coffee, when we add hot water, then it is called the Americano.

Cappuccino – In Cappuccino, the cup of coffee is covered with the milk foam.

Latte – When we mix the frothed milk foam to the coffee, then it makes the Latte.

Espresso – It is the strongest coffee that you can have. It has the crema at the top of the cup of coffee.

Macchiato – In the cup of frothed milk, when we fill the Espresso, it is then called the Macchiato.

Moccachino – When the latte has chocolate in it, it is called the Moccachino.

Keep in mind that these are different names for hot coffee. There are other names that are popular in different continents, but the names that I describe are popular everywhere.

Different Types of Coffee Beans


Types of Coffee beans

There are actually only 2 kinds of coffee beans and you should know it this way. I am saying only 2 types of coffee beans because other varieties of coffee beans are not worthy of counting. These two types are enough to capture the market.

Arabic Beans – Arabic beans are most expensive kind of coffee beans and it is because these are the highly flavorful beans in the world with the less amount of caffeine. From the different region, the taste gets different for Arabic beans.

Robusta Beans – These coffee beans contain less amount of oil and these are bitter in the taste because they are more acidic. In the worldwide markets, you will often see this blended coffee on the shelves. The caffeine level is higher in these beans as compared to Arabic beans and it is almost the 50% higher than the Arabic beans.

The Equipment You Should Know

Cuisinart Coffee Maker

Well, if you truly are a coffee lover, then you must have every kind of coffee maker in your home. The interesting knowledge that I should share here is that if you make a coffee right after you grind it, then the taste will be more than better from anything else. So, after sharing this knowledge, you should have a best coffee maker with grinder (because the grinder will grind the roasted beans and you will have the fresh cup of Joe), a French press coffee maker, an automatic drip coffee maker. There are a lot of equipment that I can share here, but I do not want to confuse you guys with the commercial products (If you want to know more, you can just visit ) and check out Best Espresso Machine 2018 This is a simple way to describe everything and I hope you have learned something new that you guys didn’t know before.



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