Ideas For Getting Your Bathroom Organized

Getting Your Bathroom Organized

Fortunately, because it is such a small room tidying it up and getting things organised is not a huge task. With a bit of planning, and clever purchases you can normally sort the average family bathroom out completely in just a couple of hours. Most families have a lot of stuff. The bigger the family is, and the more hobbies and pastimes everyone has the more cluttered the home becomes. For many people keeping their house neat and tidy is a big challenge, and this is the case in every room of the house including the bathroom.

Getting Bathrooms Organized

The first step

Before you start have a good clean out. Throw away all of those sticky shampoo bottles, bits of soap and broken kids toys. Doing this, will free up a bit more space and allow you to assess how much room you actually have available.

Fill the cube

If you already have cupboards installed in your bathroom, ensure that you are making the most of them. Usually you will discover that there is a lot of empty air inside, which is space you can potentially put to good use.

The best way to go about doing this is to invest in some sealable, or stackable, plastic containers that are the right size to allow you to fill every inch of the space you have available. Put your bits and pieces into the containers, and fill them to the top to ensure that you make the best use of every inch.
An awful lot of people do not use the corners of their rooms, so often you will be able to create a little extra storage space in those areas of your bathroom. You can buy cabinets that are specifically designed to fit into those tight spaces, but simple things like setting up a coat rack to hang your towels from can also make good use of the corners of your bathroom.Utilize the corners

Utilize hooks

For your dressing gowns, install some hooks on the back of the door. Another good use of hooks is setting them up so that a plastic net containing your child’s toys can be hung over the bath.

Use the space above the radiator

If you have a radiator in your bathroom, install a towel rack above it. You can find a great selection of towel rails at

This will keep them warm and help them to dry out. Just be careful to leave a gap between the bottom of your towels and your radiator. That way your towels will not trap the heat and prevent your bathroom from being heated up properly.

Assign everyone a drawer

Most of us are suckers for the latest creams and potions. We tend to impulse buy and end up with far more than need. So, instead of just each member of the household having five or six toiletry items in the bathroom they have dozens. Assigning everyone a single drawer or storage tub and asking them to store anything that does not fit in there in their room is the way to solve the problem.

If you would like more bathroom organisation ideas, just click this link.

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