Is It Important For Wedding Planning, What About The Groom?

In All the Wedding Planning Hoopla, Don’t Forget the Groom’s Ring!Mens Wedding Bands

He finally popped the question and you emphatically said yes. As you begin the planning process for your wedding you realize the proposal was the easy part. Now there are a lot of dates to set, vendors to select and countless details you don’t want to overlook.

But even the most organized bride can forget important priorities in all of the wedding chaos. In between announcing the news at your engagement party and walking down the aisle there is so much that has to be done. Since your rings are already picked out, it can be easy to forget about the groom’s ring. It’s actually much more common than you’d think!

Source-Brides Magazine

Source-Brides Magazine

Instead of selecting something hastily at the last minute, make an appointment to sit down with your future hubby and discuss the options below.

Don’t Be Afraid of a Little Bling

Diamonds represent strength and longevity, which is a perfect symbol for your marriage. Often diamonds are considered a female preference, but men’s diamond wedding bands are a growing trend. This is partly due to new, more masculine, options like blue and black diamonds. Diamonds that are embedded in the band in square blocks also provide a manly hint of bling to a wedding ring.

Black Bands

Many couples chose to match the finish and materials used to create their rings. But if you decide to leave things flexible, a black wedding band could be a great option for a guy that wants something more subdued. There are now options in 14kt black gold and black titanium that are understated yet beautiful.

Brushed and Satin Finish

Another trend that’s picking up steam in men’s accessories is bands with a brushed finish. These rings have a matte appearance instead of a glossy, glassy shine. It’s a very masculine effect that looks solid and weighty even if the band is slim. An alternative option that’s slightly more traditional is a satin finish. It gives the band a hint of shine that’s still understated. Guys that are a little bit more adventurous with their accessories may prefer to mix and match the finish for an interesting look.

Exotic Wood Inlays

Is your husband-to-be the outdoorsy type? Does he want a style that’s going to stand out without being over-the-top? Some of today’s latest and most intriguing wedding band designs feature exotic wood inlays. Woods like mahogany are polished to show off the grain and then inlaid within the metal of the band to protect the wood.

Hammer Time

An interesting twist to the standard, smooth wedding band is one with a hammered finish. Typically 14 karat gold is used to create a center inlay with a textured, organic effect that looks as if the metal has been struck with a tiny hammer. If there’s a chance your hubby’s ring will get banged up, this is a good option for hiding the scraps and dimples that form over time.

Pick the Ideal Width

One of the biggest decisions for a man’s wedding band is the width. Most guys prefer a band that is somewhat thick, but ultimately it should be balanced with the width and length of his ring finger. He’ll also want to take comfort into mind and make sure that the width doesn’t hinder his ability to grip.

No Matter What The Ring Should Fit His Style

You and your husband will wear these rings day in and day out for the foreseeable future. For that reason, the band should be something that truly reflects his personal style and taste. It’s tempting to talk our grooms into getting a ring that matches our own, but it’s more important that he feels comfortable wearing it. That way he’s less tempted to take it off!

Today there are a lot more ring options for grooms than ever before. During the wedding planning process, you’ll probably experience decision fatigue, but this is one detail that you’ll want to think through and decide on together.



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