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Making an impression that lasts: 5 Sureshot ways to kick up the aesthetic appeal of your office reception

Replacement cushion covers for rattan furniture

The first impression is a major contributor to how your business will be perceived by potential customers. For this reason, most of marketers spend enormous amounts of time in optimizing every touch-point with a potential client.

When we spend so much time and expend so many efforts at optimizing our website and social media pages, it only makes sense to improve on the office reception. Regardless of what product or service you offer, your reception area is an extremely important aspect of your office space. Even if you have a business that only operates online, a lot of people apart from your usual target audience visit your office. If your workplace is perceived as messy and unpresentable, people are bound to notice.

While your coffee machine vendor noticing all this might not seem like much of a problem, word of mouth travels fast. To make sure your business always makes a positive and lasting first impression, you can do the following thing to improve the aesthetic appeal of your reception area:



Image: American Rattan

The furniture is crucial to the interiors of any room, and your reception area is no different. When choosing furniture, try to find the sweet spot between functionality, comfort, and appeal.

Rattan furniture sets like the one shown in the picture above are great if you have a roomy reception area. They are amazingly lightweight for the kind of sturdiness they offer. In future, you want to introduce some change, it can be done easily with a simple replacement of cushion covers on your rattan furniture.

Make technology your friend

Technology is already your friend if you are reading this blog. Moreover, we have all seen technology being used to improve the user experience. From simple charging stations for their smartphones, to an i-Pad help desk, there is virtually no limit on how technology can be used.
For instance, if you do not have a roomy reception area, you can create the perception of space with some soothing pictures on a digital wall.

Image: American Rattan

Think about your audience

You have designed and tested your website to suit the tastes of your buyer persona. Similarly, all the communication aspects of a business are carefully structured and conveyed in a way that they resonate the most with their audience. Your reception area should be no different.

The colour scheme and the overall interior design should be consistent with the brand colours and image. Similarly, the reading material available should be something that your visitors find relevant.

Bring the outdoors inside

Everyone appreciates greenery. More so, if you place some structural and exotic plants that compliment the interiors of the space. Plants in your reception area will help create an air of freshness, while adding some character and contrast to the overall interior design.

Moreover, having living plants at the office will be a direct indication that you are capable of caring for things. Taking care of small details like these will help you build the most positive image in the mind of your visitors.

Natural Light

Natural light is important because nobody would like to bring their business to someone working out of a dungeon, right? Moreover, natural light creates a certain kind of warmth in the area, while giving a feeling of space and assurance.


As a business owner, your primary job is to improve the efficiency of every aspect of your organisation. We often forget about the most obvious places, such as the reception area. We hope this post has given the required inspiration to start improving the appearance of the first point of contact of your business.

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