Fashion Series: Did You Inherit Antique Jewelry?

Antique Jewellery at Kalmar Antiques

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Antique jewellery is something not everybody chooses, either because of money, style or because they don’t have the right occasion to wear it. However, a wedding is a great opportunity for wearing it with class, and Antique Jewellery at Kalmar Antiques is perfect for this. Even if you are just now getting married or if you want to throw a sophisticated party to celebrate your anniversary, every year this date deserves to be treated in a special manner.

Why should you choose antique jewellery?

  • Everybody knows that antique jewellery has intricate and unique designs. As such, perhaps the most valued characteristic about them is the fact that you can be sure there is no one else in the world to have the same pattern as you do. Diamond rings today are pretty much all the same, but the antique diamond cuts are intricate and individual.
  • Even if the piece of jewellery is unique, that doesn’t mean you are the only owner ever. An authentic piece of antique jewellery has probably been through tens of hands throughout centuries, and can even have some historical significance. They are passed from generation to generation often times, and carry with them amazing stories filled with mystery.
  • Most antique jewellery is more than a century old, so they have passed the time and thus, quality test. The excellent crafting and the quality materials ensure them a long life that will cross generations. Modern jewellery is mass produced, but this type is handcrafted with passion and talent by experts.
  • Forever trendy. Cheap jewellery comes and goes since trends change fast, but a truly qualitative type of antique jewellery, made of great materials and which has an impressive design can never become obsolete. This is because quality and beauty never go out of fashion, and once you own such an exquisite piece, you can be sure to cherish it and wear it proudly for the rest of your life, and even pass it on to your children.
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Things to know when buying antique jewellery

Be careful where do you buy your earrings, bracelet, necklace or rings from! There are lots of malevolent people out there who want to cheat on people and sell them cheap jewellery for the price of an authentic antique one. Always buy from authorized shops and request a certificate of authenticity if you’re not sure. If you inherit such a piece, you can always go to an expert and check if it is indeed authentic and it is not a fake.

Remember that antique jewellery is always a great idea for a present, and it will make any woman stand out from the crowd in a simple, elegant manner!


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