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/ 6 Tips for Parents Teaching Their Kids to Cook/
There are a lot of things that parents want to teach their children. Most parents think about teaching their kids to ride a bike, or learn to catch a baseball, but there is another item that parents need to put onto that list. Learning how to cook is extremely important for kids today. Not only does learning how to cook ensure that kids will be able to take care of themselves when the leave the house without ordering pizza every day, but it also helps them learn about good nutrition and diet habits.6 Tips for Parents Teaching Their Kids to Cook

Helping kids learn how to cook at an early age gives them a healthy relationship with food that will help them make better decisions throughout their lives. Cooking with the kids is also a great way for parents to bond and connect with their children every day. Even parents who do not consider themselves great cooks can spend some time in the kitchen with their kids to learn new things and adopt healthier eating habits. Here are six tips for parents teaching their kids to cook.

/ Make it a weekly event
No parent can expect their children to want to cook every day. Parents can plan one night a week to start their kids off on the process of learning how to cook. This way, the kids can look forward to learning a new recipe and spending some time in the kitchen with their parents. Parents can even encourage their kids to find a new recipe each week for them to try.

/ Get some inspiration
Parents might need to get the creative juices flowing to find recipes that would be good for their kids to learn. Parents can learn about Cablevision to watch cooking TV shows for inspiration and ideas. Parents can even watch the TV shows with their kids as they cook to feel like expert chefs in the kitchen.

/ Start out simple
Kids will need to start with simple recipes that only have a few steps at first. This will help them avoid getting overwhelmed and encourage them to come back to the kitchen. Parents can try simple recipes like quesadillas or spaghetti that their kids will love.

/ Explain why each ingredient is used
Parents want to show their kids why eating healthy is important in the kitchen. To do this, parents can explain why each ingredient is used in a recipe in order to help their kids understand what certain foods do in their diet.

/ Encourage creativity
Creativity in the kitchen should always be encouraged. Parents can let their kids’ experiment with their favorite recipes in order to make them better. This is a great way for kids to learn what works together and what does not in the kitchen and to have fun trying new things.

/ Always practice safety first
Safety is extremely important in the kitchen. Parents need to be careful that their kids are always safe and know what potential dangers are in the kitchen. Parents should at first try some recipes that involve little hot elements or sharp tools and slowly integrate them as their kids get older.


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