Interior Design Style: Decor Trends to Watch For in 2017 4 comments

Interior Design Style: Homeware Trends to Look Out for in 2017

Interior Design Style: Homeware Trends to Look Out for in 2017

Updating your home to be in touch with the latest home décor trends is always exciting. Just like in the fashion industry, interior design experts present new things each year to help your beloved home stay trendy. However, it’s not the experts who decide that a certain trend will be huge for a year – it’s the homeowners who decide to implement them in their homes and make something “a thing”. This is especially true for homeware since purchasing a new piece of furniture is the easiest way to keep your home updated, so here are some of the hottest trends of 2017.

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Goodbye DIY, hello artisanal pieces

Handmade products that require a lot of skill, time, and patience are one of the biggest interior design trends of the year. While 2016 was all about browsing through Pinterest and DIY tutorials, in 2017, home décor aficionados turned to professionals and decided to honor such fine skills. Handcrafted lighting and furniture naturally becomes the centerpiece of any room, so purchasing an artisanal item can be considered as an investment. Besides, it’s a great way to support small businesses if you opt for locally made and globally sourced artisanal pieces. Artisanal Pieces For Your Home

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Painted with jewels

Beige, gray, blush pink and other “safe” hues are out while somewhat more dramatic tones are coming to the light and starting to dominate both furniture and accessory sections of homeware stores. Jewel tones, such as emerald green or amethyst will be huge in 2017 and it’s all part of a trend that draws inspiration from nature, stars, and endless space. These colors match marvelously with another trend in fabrics that have been around for a while – namely, plush and silky, transparent fabrics complement the jewel tones perfectly and turn your home into a cozy yet trendy oasis. Painted with jewels

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When in doubt – matte

Being the exact opposite of shiny jewel trend, matte finishes are a great way to bring balance into your home and make it look high-end, regardless of your home decorating budget. Matte finishes are particularly popular in kitchen homeware and matches another kitchen trend of the year – marble countertops. So, incorporate natural stone into your countertops and save matte finish for your appliances. Go for those made of stainless steel, such as high-quality Whirlpool appliances, to get the desired effect and turn your kitchen into every chef’s heaven. When in doubt – matte pictures

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Introduce greenery to your home

It’s spring time so everything around you gets that lovely shade of green that’s both soothing for the eyes and for the soul, so why not let some of that greenery into your own home as well? It’s not just pretty but also in touch with the latest trend since it’s one of the easiest ways to incorporate Pantone’s color of the year into your interior design. Interior design experts claim it’s one of nature’s neutrals so it shouldn’t be too hard matching it with the rest of your interior. Think using it in accents and details to draw attention. Also, actual house plants make a perfect styling detail, so have at least one in your home, as well. Introduce greenery to your home

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Nail it with nail head trend

Although the oversized furniture is no longer a thing in interior design, upholstered furniture is still holding its position and making a lovely addition to every bedroom or living room. That’s where nailhead trend comes from – it’s a classic detail often used in rich, upholstered furniture but now it can be seen everywhere. From lighting fixtures to storage chests, nail heads give a nice outline to every piece of homeware and that’s why they’re one of the hottest trends of the year ahead of us. Nail it with nail head trend

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As you can see, homeware is getting more creative and decorative than ever, so all you have to do is to find a trend that suits your personal taste and update your home to make it look both trendy and aesthetically pleasing.

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