Internship for students: 5 Typical Mistakes Interns make 2 comments

Internship for students: 5 Typical Mistakes Interns make

Avoid most common mistakes of internship for students

If you are a senior student, you’ve probably given some thought to how you can get professional experience while still continuing to study. Combining work and study and handling the challenge of doing your assignments while performing working responsibilities. If you decide to choose the option of internship, you’ll definitely have more things to worry about than doing your assignments or coursework writing. But internship is a good first step on your way to building your professional reputation. Needless to say, during your internship you’ll have to do everything to impress your employer. Here is a list of most common mistakes and some advice on how you can avoid them. Internships can lead to employment

Mistake 1: Treating your internship job like a temporary employment

Yes, quite often internship does not guarantee that you will get a desired job position at the company. Still, it’s a very good start for you, a launching pad that will allow you to develop as a professional. It’s worth noting that your professional reputation will be of great importance even if you are not going to work in the area in the future. Wouldn’t it be great if your employer gives you a letter of reference praising you as a reliable and responsible employee?

There’s another positive aspect here: if your internship goes well, you can add your colleagues contacts in your resume. They’ll provide good references too. Besides, internship gives you an opportunity to establish your first professional contacts.

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Mistake 2: Never discussing your salary

Internship financial terms may vary greatly: it can be an unpaid internship or a full salary internship. So you don’t have to regret about this and feel like you’ve been cheated, discuss this issue with your employer right from the start. For example, ask an HR specialist if the internship they offer is a paid option.

Mistake 3: Lack of initiative

Yes, you are just an intern for now, but your ideas may turn out to be what this company needs to go to a new level of efficiency. It’s possible you won’t be able to take part in brainstorming sessions and discuss your ideas during department briefings, but you can always share them with your supervisor. First, you’ll have a chance to prove yourself and show you can be proactive. Second, you’ll get professional assessment of your offers.

Mistake 4: Being late on a regular basis

This is just another proof of your not being serious about what you are doing. Yes, you are an intern and maybe (just maybe) your workload and requirements for your performance will be small. But you can be sure that they will evaluate you like any other employee.

Did you have to do some important paper writing late into the night? That’s not a good reason for being late for work (no doubt you knew what it would take to combine study and work). Show them you can be professional. Always come in time and don’t forget to remind them about yourself. Thanks to this you’ll get your first career achievements and won’t just waste your time.

Mistake 5: Complaining about your tasks being too easy

It’s likely they will give you simple tasks. It’s normal because at this point, no one knows what you can do and what your capabilities are. In this case, don’t start complaining about how displeased you are. Does a task seem too primitive for you? Great. Show just how fast and well you can do it. This way you’ll create your positive professional image and they’ll soon start trusting you with more complex tasks.

It’s great if your internship is about something you are good at as a student. For example, it’s nice to try and work for a custom essay writing service after so many years of writing great essays. But no matter what you do, don’t lose your confidence. Your professional skills may not be top notch so far, but you’ll develop them quickly if you work hard.

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