What Happens When Kids Get Bored or Have Short Attention Span

Three Totally Out of the Box Ways to Keep Your Kids Entertained  

“I’m bored.” Ever hear that, I cant tell you how many time I have over the years, zillons I think!!

Many parents can’t stand those words, likely because they do everything in their power to keep their children entertained. However, sometimes kids flat out need a break from traditional toys and games to keep themselves stimulated and out of trouble.

Fending off boredom is easier said than done, especially in an era of shortened attention spans thanks to modern technology and conveniences such as smart phones or television.

The solution? Get your kids off the couch and using their hands.

Instead of bending over backwards to keep boredom at bay, consider some out the box ways to keep your children entertained. While the not all of following ideas represent ordinary, daily activities, they can hold your child’s attention for extended periods of time when you’re looking to switch up their regular routine.

Throw a Party

You don’t necessarily need a birthday in order to celebrate: likewise, parties represent a surefire way to entertain your child. Perhaps the best way to make the most of your party is by turning it into a week-long project instead of a one-and-done affair. So, how do you stretch the party-planning activities to keep your kids engaged?

  • Pick a unique theme and decorate together: for example, country themed party decorations can help liven up your space and inspire the rest of your party-planning activities (such as a cooking)
  • Cook together: plan thematic dishes and prepare your own sweet treats over the course of the week
  • Craft invitations: although you can do the actually inviting by phone, allow your child the opportunity to practice writing and drawing accordingly

Parties give your child to a chance to socialize and wear themselves out, meanwhile entertaining themselves during every step leading up to the big day.

Get Out the Paint

In addition to honing their motors skills, most children love painting regardless of their artistic ability. The benefits of painting for children are well-documented, including increased social, cognitive and emotional development. If nothing else, it gives them an excuse to get messy which can unfortunately result in a headache for you.

Although you can get your children set up with little more than paper, non-toxic paint and a designated space to make their magic, you should probably keep an eye on them regardless. Finger-painting in particular can quickly get out of control: make sure you have some common household cleaners on deck to avoid any potential messes.

Get into the Garden

You should make sure that your child is acquainted with nature sooner rather than later, so why not get them involved with your next gardening project?

Beyond a small pair of gloves and a play shovel, there’s little more that you need to turn your toddler into a gardening machine. From planting seeds to watering plants and pulling weeds, show your child the wonders of nature firsthand to ensure that they’re spending adequate time outdoors. Gardening is a fantastic alternative to traditional playtime and may even discourage sedentary behavior as your child gets older.

Keeping our kids entertained is always a challenge; however, some out of the box playtime alternatives may very well do the trick. If you feel that your child is spending too much time in front of the television or you’re simply concerned about their well-being, give one of the previous playtime options a try in the near future.

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