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Keeping an Organized Home

It can be easy to let a home become disorganized when children are part of the household. Children can often have endless energy, and it can be hard to clean up after them. Preparing snacks and meals can also be a challenge. There are a few ways to keep the home organized and keep children on track.

Post an Activity Calendar
One way to keep track of all of the sports practices, dance rehearsals and slumber parties is to track all of the events on a calendar. The calendar can be posted on the fridge or on a wall in the kitchen or laundry room. Make sure that everyone can easily see it. Try to use a separate colored marker for each person’s activities. This will make it much easier to prevent scheduling conflicts. It will also make it easier to avoid scheduling too many activities in one weekend.

Consider a Chore Chart
Children can definitely handle a couple of household chores. The chores can be determined based on each child’s age. A chart can be used to keep track of each child’s progress toward completing the chores, and children can be rewarded at the end of the week. Delegating chores to children can teach them responsibility, and they will feel encouraged to complete their assignments. This will also relieve some of the stress of keeping the home clean and orderly. Instead of rewarding children with money, a fun family activity can be a great way to treat children and spend time together. Surprising children with their favorite flavor of frozen yogurt and favorite colors of frozen yogurt spoons can be a special treat.

Don’t Be Overwhelmed
Try to remember that no one is able to keep a clean home all the time. Children are messy by nature, and it is perfectly acceptable to have a home that is not constantly in immaculate condition. There is no need to stress out about toys that are left on the floor every once in a while. As children grow, they will become more responsible and the house will be easier to keep organized.


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