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What is Kinobody and Does It Work? 

Kinobody Builder

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Kinobody is an aggressive fitness program developed by Gregory O’Gallagher. According to the website of Kinobody, O’Gallagher is a certified professional and expert in Greek god proportions. He is also the author of the Kinobody fitness programs.

The Kinobody fitness programs are designed to help you transform your entire physique with the help of proper workout as well as proper nutrition. The programs enable you to burn more fat while at the same time increasing your muscle mass, achieving remarkable strength and improving your overall fitness. At the end of the program, you will have a lean muscular body. The Kinobody programs claim to enable you achieve your goals and create fulfilling life around them. This is done through the 6 different programs that make up Kinobody. Below are the 3 different stages in the Kinobody program.

The Warrior Physique

This program claims to help you get more chiseled than you ever imagined, boost sex appeal, gain more muscle, attain the coveted V-shape as well as drop 6 to 9 pounds of body fat and reduce your waist by 2 inches. Kinobody states that you will not feel fatigued or hungry throughout the program and that you will learn repeatable, proven and easy-to-follow exercise plans and nutrition that boosts muscle gain, workout performance and testosterone. The warrior shredding program has a 74-page step-by-step guide.

The Greek God Physique

This program uses the Minimal Effort Growth Acceleration (MEGA). It will help pack more muscles without gaining fat. The program will further help you increase muscle mass, strength, sex appeal, definition and proportion rapidly. It requires you to work out 3 times a week. This is a program you need to dig deeper into when trying to find out what is Kinobody. The program includes FAQ guide, the 3-day split workout guide and the private members community access.

The superhero physique

This is the last stage in the Kinobody muscle development program. The goal of this program is to help achieve the coveted V-shape that men envy and women love. To achieve this, the program gives you a guide on how to train smarter instead of training harder. This is done through the rest pause training. Here, you will get the core superhero bulking program manual, bonus module, workout substation guide, living the superhero lifestyle e-book and the lifting protocol tutorial.

The next thing you want to know about the Kinobody is the costs. The prices for the programs are as follows:

  • Greek God Programs: $47
  • Warrior Shredding Program: $47
  • Superhero physique program: $47
  • Aggressive fat loss: $47
  • The Goddess Training Program: $47
  • Bodyweight Mastery Program: $39
  • If you’re looking for alternative fitness routines such as body re-composition, we recommend checking out They also offer price comparison, discount codes and useful tools like protein calculators.

Irrespective of the program you pick, you get a 60-day money back guarantee. All in all, the big question most people have is whether the program works or not. Is it a scam?

There are so many fitness programs out there. With most of them being offered by physically fit individuals, it can be hard to determine whether they are real or not. The best thing you can do is to dig deeper and listen to what people are saying.

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